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For Immediate Release: October 19, 2006
Media Contact: Claudia Chandler - 916-654-4989

Governor Launches new solar website for California

Sacramento - At the Solar Power 2006 Conference and Expo in San Jose today, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled "Go Solar California,"a new website that provides complete information on all the solar programs available to in the state.

"The website - www.gosolarcalifornia.ca.gov - has everything you need to participate in our $2.8 billion incentive program so everyone who wants to can go solar," said Governor Schwarzenegger.

Go Solar California is a one-stop website that provides general information on solar technologies as well as specifics about solar installations on new and existing homes, schools, public buildings and affordable housing projects. The website, created by the California Energy Commission with help from the California Public Utilities Commission, makes it easy for residential and commercial power users to apply for state rebates and provides information on federal tax credits.

"I am pleased that the Governor launched the new Go Solar California website,"said Energy Commission Chairman Jackalyne Pfannenstiel. "Providing incentives to new home homebuilders who provide a solar system option will help to create a self-sustaining market. As an added benefit, these new solar homes will be even more energy efficient then the state's standards, ensuring that the homeowner is receiving value and reducing their overall energy bills."

"Consumers can use the sun to generate electricity that helps offset the cost of operating their air conditioners. Plus, any surplus solar-generated electricity is purchased by the utility - it's just a smart way to go,"added Pfannenstiel.

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