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For Immediate Release: October 27, 2006
Media Contact: CONTACT: Chris Graillat - 916-654-4989

"Changing of the bulbs" brings Historic Governor's Mansion
up-to-date on energy efficiency

Sacramento - Surrounded by carved pumpkins at the Governor's Mansion State Historic Park, area students gathered with state officials and representatives from local utilities Friday to switch standard incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent ones.

Three area winners of the California Energy Commission's children's calendar art contest helped to switch the last bulb to update the historic mansion's exterior lighting to today's energy efficient compact fluorescents. Students participating in the event were:

  • A. J. Slizeski, Harper Junior High, Davis
  • Elizabeth Argot, Encore Home School, Sacramento
  • Konner McNulty, Natoma Station Elementary, Folsom

picture of changing light bulb at Histoic Governor's Mansion
KEVIN MADRIGAL, State Parks & Recreation (on ladder), State Parks & Recreation Director RUTH COLEMAN,
A.J. SLIZESKI (Harper Jr. High School - Davis, CA), and ELIZABETH ARGOT (Encore Home School - Sacramento, CA)
(NOT PICTURED: KONNER McNULTY - Natoma Station Elementary - Folsom)

"Changing the bulbs is just one of the steps California State Parks is taking to save energy at its facilities," said Ruth Coleman, Director of State Parks. "We are committed to doing the right thing for the environment and our budget by investing in energy efficiency."

Joining the children and Director Coleman were Genevieve Shiroma, President of the Board of Directors for SMUD, who donated the bulbs for the switchover and talked about the money-saving rebates and discounts offered to consumers; Beverly Alexander, Vice President of Customer Satisfaction at PG&E, who emphasized how consumers can cut their utility bills by winterizing their homes; and Kristina Skierska, Senior Program Manager at Flex Your Power, who talked about the success of the Change a Light, Change the World campaign in California. The campaign encourages consumers to switch at least one bulb in their homes to energy efficient lighting.

"Energy efficiency is particularly important as we experience shorter days and cooler weather," said Claudia Chandler, Assistant Executive Director at the Energy Commission. "All of us here today are dedicated to helping Californians save energy and money. SMUD and PG&E offer rebates and discounts on energy efficient lighting, dual-pane windows, and insulation as well as other ways to save energy year-round. We hope consumers are encouraged to take steps to save energy-it helps their pocket and it helps the environment."

picture of changing light bulb event at Histoic Governor's Mansion

The ENERGY STAR® Change a Light, Change the World campaign continues through November 30. More information on switching to energy efficient lighting and weatherizing your home-as well as daylight saving time facts and tips-is available on the California Energy Commission's web site at


Energy saving information, as well as Information on rebates discounts available through SMUD or PG&E is available at these Web sites:

Sacramento Municipal Utility District: www.smud.org

Pacific Gas and Electric Company: www.pge.com

Flex Your Power: www.fypower.com

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