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For Immediate Release: December 14, 2006
Media Contact: Susanne Garfield-Jones - 916-654-4989

California Energy Commission Begins Review
of Colusa Generating Station

Sacramento - The California Energy Commission today has accepted an application from E&L Westcoast LLC for its proposed 660-megawatt Colusa Generating Station. This action starts the Energy Commission's licensing review process.

The Energy Commission voted 5-0 to accept the project as "data adequate," meaning the Commission has enough information to begin the yearlong evaluation of the project. Commissioner John Geesman, presiding member, and Commission Vice Chair James Boyd, associate member, will make up the committee overseeing the 12-month process that assures that the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act are met.

On November 6, E&L Westcoast submitted an Application for Certification to construct and operate the Colusa Generating Station (CGS) on 31 acres of a 100-acre site within the Holthouse Ranch property, located 14 miles north of Williams in Colusa County. The proposed combined-cycle Colusa Generating Station will be an air-cooled facility fueled by natural gas delivered to the site via an 8-inch, 1,500-foot pipeline owned and operated by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). Transmission interconnection will require construction of 1,800 feet of four double-circuit 230-kV lines that will connect to PG&E's existing 230-kV north-south transmission lines located east of the project site.

If approved by the Commission, construction of the project is scheduled to occur over 24 months, beginning in early 2008. The cost of construction is estimated at approximately $450 million to $500 million dollars. The proposed facility would begin generating electricity by the spring of 2010. After the power plant construction and testing phases are completed, E&L Westcoast will transfer ownership to PG&E. The CGS will be interconnected to PG&E's Northern California transmission grid, and power generated by the facility will be available to serve energy needs throughout California.

Throughout the project's 12-month licensing process, the Energy Commission will conduct public workshops and hearings in Colusa County on the proposal to determine whether it should be approved for construction and operation and under what set of permit conditions. More information on the Colusa Generating Station is available on the Energy Commission's website at:


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