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For Immediate Release: August 15, 2007
Media Contact: Claudia Chandler - 916-654-4989

Energy Commission Releases Presiding Member's Proposed
Decision for City of Industry Power Plant Project

Sacramento - The Presiding Member's Proposed Decision (PMPD) released today recommends that the California Energy Commission license Walnut Creek Energy Park if certain conditions are met. The proposed simple-cycle peaker power plant will be situated on 11.48 acres in City of Industry in Los Angeles County, if licensed.

The licensing committee for Walnut Creek Energy Park - composed of Chairman Jackalyne Pfannenstiel, presiding member, and Commissioner John Geesman, associate member - reviewed and approved the application for certification of the proposed 500-megawatt (MW) power plant. The committee outlined the following measures that would reduce the project's potential environmental and community impacts and comply with applicable laws, ordinances, regulations and standards:

  • The proposed project will use five natural gas-fired turbines with technology to reduce nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide emissions and produce electricity more efficiently.
  • Applicant Walnut Creek Energy LLC, a subsidiary of Edison Mission Energy, must purchase Regional Clean Air Incentives Market (RECLAIM) and Priority Reserve credits to offset any pollution emitted by the power plant.
  • The power plant should not interfere with the view hillside residents of Puente Hills and Hacienda Heights enjoy since residents generally look from a distance across the valley over the project.
  • The nighttime noise from plant operations would be limited to 49 decibels, which keeps noise level between a whisper and normal conversation.

The proposed decision is scheduled to go before the full Energy Commission for a final vote in October. After the vote, the applicant will work to meet the conditions.

A warehouse used to store and recycle electronic waste currently occupies the proposed Walnut Cree Energy Park site, located at 911 Bixby Drive. The start of project construction is planned for summer of 2008, and the facility is proposed to be operational in the summer of 2009. The estimated capital cost is between $220 million and $280 million.

The Presiding Member's Proposed Decision is available on the Energy Commission's website: http://www.energy.ca.gov/sitingcases/walnutcreek/index.html

Since deregulation occurred in 1998, the Energy Commission has licensed or provided small power plant exemptions to 63 power plants, totaling 23,549 MW. Thirty-eight licensed power plants are in operation, producing 12,910 MW. Since Gov. Schwarzenegger took office, 18 of these power plants, totaling 6,913 MW, have been approved. In addition, 19 power plant projects are active in the Energy Commission's review process, representing 6,854 MW. More information about the Energy Commission's power plant projects is available at: http://www.energy.ca.gov/sitingcases/all_projects.html

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