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For Immediate Release: November 14, 2007
Media Contact: Percy Della - 916-654-4989

M E D I A     A D V I S O R Y

Attention Editors:

California Energy Commission staff will conduct a workshop for the CPV Sentinel Energy Project today. The workshop will discuss the applicant's responses to staff's data requests and work toward resolving issues. All interested agencies and members of the public are invited to participate.

The workshop will be held from 1-5 p.m. at the Carl May Center, 11711, West Drive, Desert Hot Springs.

If built, the 850-megawatt, natural gas-fired facility would remain idle but could ramp up quickly when needed during times of high electricity demand. The plant is proposed on 37 acres in unincorporated Riverside County near Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs. The proposed project is adjacent to a Southern California Edison substation off State Route 62.

If approved by the Commission, the project would be constructed over an 18-month period. The project plans to fire up the first five of eight turbines by March of 2010.The final three are expected to operate two months later that year.

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