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For Immediate Release: April 23, 2008
Media Contact: Percy Della - 916-654-4989

Energy Commission gives green light for the
construction of power plant in Colusa County

Sacramento -- By a vote of 4-0, the California Energy Commission today approved a license allowing construction of the 660-megawatt Colusa Generating Station in Colusa County.

At a regularly scheduled business meeting, the Commission accepted the Presiding Member's Proposed Decision (PMPD) recommending approval of the combined cycle natural gas fired facility.

The $450 million to $500 million power plant was licensed after the owner - Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) - said it would comply with applicable laws, ordinances and regulations by satisfying requirements spelled out in the PMPD.

The plant, proposed 14 miles north of Williams will be within the jurisdiction of the all-volunteer Maxwell Fire Protection District. The fire chief had previously expressed concern over the district's ability to respond to an emergency at the facility, such as a hazardous materials release.

In response, PG&E said while the plant is being built, it would furnish the district $230,000 up front to be credited against whatever fire protection arrangement is ultimately decided upon. The plant owner, with input from the district, will also complete a study to determine what is needed in terms of training and fire personnel to sufficiently serve the community and the proposed facility.

Construction of the plant on a 31-acre portion of a 100-acre parcel on the Holthouse Ranch property near Williams in Colusa County is expected to start this year over a 24-month period. PG&E expects to generate electricity from the plant by the spring of 2010.

More information on the Colusa Generating Station is available at:


Since deregulation occurred in 1998, the Energy Commission has licensed or given small power plant exemptions to 66 power plants, totaling 25226 MW. Thirty-eight licensed power plants are in operation, producing 13,087 MW. Since Gov. Schwarzenegger took office, 21 of these power plants, totaling 8190 MW have been approved. In addition, 19 power plant projects are active in the Energy Commission's review process, representing 7697 MW.

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