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For Immediate Release: April 25, 2008
Media Contact: Percy Della - 916-654-4989

M E D I A     A D V I S O R Y

Attention Editors:

Energy Commission staff will conduct a two-day workshop to discuss licensing conditions related to conserving habitat for the desert tortoise, Mohave ground squirrel and burrowing owl as spelled out in the final staff assessment (FSA) for the proposed 563-MW Victorville 2 Hybrid Power Project.

Members of the public and all interested parties are invited to participate.

When: Beginning at 10am on Monday, April 28, and at 9am on Tuesday, April 29

Where: Administration Office Building, Southern California Logistics Airport, 18374 Phantom Street, Victorville, California

Who: The workshops will provide an opportunity for the applicant, the city of Victorville, to develop the required environmental mitigation plans in consultation with Commission staff, the California Department of Fish and Game, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and technical advisers.

Why: In its FSA, staff recommended protective measures, including the purchase and preservation in perpetuity of habitat lands suitable for the three species at a ratio three times larger than the area to be occupied by the plant and its facilities.

What: The integrated solar thermal/combined-cycle power plant will occupy 275 acres in northeastern Victorville. The facility's two natural gas-fired combustion turbines, heat recovery systems and steam turbine would be capable of delivering electricity 24 hours a day. The solar component, made up of parabolic solar-thermal collectors and associated heat transfer equipment will contribute up to 50 megawatts of the plant's output during daylight hours.

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