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For Immediate Release: May 6, 2008
Media Contact: Susanne Garfield - 916-654-4989

California Launches Newly-Designed Climate Change Web Portal

Sacramento -- California, a front-runner in the race to curb global warming, today unveiled a newly redesigned Web portal to help centralize state climate change activities and research.

The newly redesigned Website allows businesses, consumers, government officials and the environmental community to easily access information about California's progress in meeting its aggressive climate change goals.

"Easy to use and comprehensive are two important features for people looking for climate change information on the Internet," commented Jackalyne Pfannenstiel, Chairman of the California Energy Commission, the agency responsible for the site's redesign and maintenance. "This portal is the perfect window to obtain a better understanding of climate change and the actions California is taking to reduce its impacts."

The climate change portal's reorganization provides information about climate-related activities of state agencies, the efforts of the Climate Action Team and the research and work of other organizations such as universities and national laboratories.

An exciting new feature is the interactive calendar that lists climate change events and activities in various agencies. The portal also offers a detailed history of California's climate change activities, information on current research, policies and programs.

California's Climate Change Portal is available at:


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