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For Immediate Release: June 13, 2008
Media Contact: Percy Della - 916-654-4989

M E D I A     A D V I S O R Y

Attention editors:

Final Staff Assessment workshops to be held on June 16
and evidentiary hearing on June 17 for Humboldt Bay power plant

Energy Commission staff will conduct a two-session workshop on Monday, June 16, 2008 to discuss licensing conditions spelled out in the final staff assessment (FSA) for the proposed 163-megawatt Humboldt Bay Repowering Project.

The evidentiary hearing for the proposed plant will be held the following day, Tuesday, June 17, 2008.

Members of the public and all interested parties are invited to participate in both events.

Session 1 for the June 16 FSA workshop begins at 11am, Session 2 begins at 6pm at the Ballroom, Red Lion Hotel, 1929 Fourth Street, Eureka, California

The workshops will enable the applicant, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, government agencies, the public and other interested parties to provide comment on the FSA for the proposed project. Energy Commission staff will summarize its conclusions in the FSA and will work with PG&E to resolve several outstanding issues.

Primary topics of discussion for the workshops will be on public health, air quality, land use and cultural resources.

The evidentiary hearing on June 17 will be conducted starting at 10 am at the Wharfinger Building, Eureka Public Marina #1 Marina Way, Eureka.

The hearing will establish the factual record upon which the Commission will decide this case based on written or documentary evidence from the official parties to the proceeding.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the hearing. It is not necessary for anyone to be an intervenor (formal party to the proceeding) to take part in the public process. However, only formal parties may present and cross-examine witnesses at the evidentiary hearing.

The Humboldt Bay Repowering Project would be located on the same parcel as the existing Humboldt Bay Power Plant. It would be situated on 5.4 acres within the 143-acre parcel currently occupied by the existing PG&E Humboldt Bay Power Plant. The project will replace the existing 105-MW Units 1 and 2 and the two 15-MW mobile emergency power plants at the site. More information on the repowering project is at:


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