For Immediate Release: September 12, 2008
Media Contact: Percy Della 916-654-4989

Attention Editors:

Public conference on September 16th on the
proposed decision for the Humboldt Bay Repowering Project

The Energy Commission committee reviewing the 163-megawatt Humboldt Bay Repowering Project south of Eureka will hold a public conference and evidentiary hearing on its presiding member's proposed decision (PMPD) for the planned facility.

When: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 beginning at 1:00 p.m.

Where: California Energy Commission First Floor Hearing Room A, 1516 Ninth Street, Sacramento.

Who: In its PMPD, the committee said that the project meets all the requirements of the North Coast Air Quality Management District. The document also said that the plant owner, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, has identified all required emission reduction credits to operate the plant. The PMPD from Commissioner Jeffrey Byron, who heads the committee, is NOT a final decision on the project. The Committee intends to send the PMPD to the full Energy Commission for a final vote on September 24, 2008.

Why: The purpose of the conference is to consider oral and written comments on the PMPD from the parties, governmental agencies, and members of the public. The Committee will reopen the evidentiary record to receive information from the applicant to add a bio-retention area to its operational storm water system, an unforeseen requirement from the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board.

The Humboldt Bay Repowering Project is about three miles south of the city of Eureka, on 5.4 acres within a 143-acre parcel currently occupied by the existing PG&E Humboldt Bay Power Plant. When the nuclear Unit 3 was operating prior to its shutdown in 1976, it was California's first and only power plant that combined natural gas or fuel oil-fired conventional and nuclear-fueled steam turbine-generator technologies.

The nuclear portion of the facility is undergoing decommissioning. The project will replace the existing Units 1 and 2 (105-MW combined) and the two 15-MW Mobile Emergency Power Plants at PG&E's Humboldt Bay Power Plant site with ten 16.3-megawatt reciprocating engines.

More information on the PMPD for the Humboldt Repowering Project is available at:

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