For Immediate Release: January 14, 2009
Media Contact: Percy Della - 916-654-4989


Site visit and informational hearing Jan. 15th for the Lodi Energy Center

The California Energy Commission has scheduled a site visit and informational hearing for the proposed 255-megawatt Lodi Energy Center. Members of the public are invited to participate.

When: Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where: : Crete Hall, Hutchins Street Square, 125 Hutchins Street, Lodi, California

A free bus will take participants at 4pm from Hutchins Street Square to the site of the proposed plant. The bus will return to the Square for the public informational hearing scheduled at 5 p.m.

Who: Commissioner Karen Douglas, presiding member of the committee that will ensure that the project meets the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act will lead the site visit and informational hearing. These steps are the first in a formal process that allows the public, governmental agencies and other interested parties to participate in the review of the planned power plant.

What: On September 10, 2008, the Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) filed an application for certification (AFC) to construct and operate the Lodi Energy Center. The proposed natural gas fired, combined cycle plant will be located on land owned and incorporated by the City of Lodi. It will be about six miles west of the Lodi city center and two miles to the south of the City of Stockton. The project site is currently undeveloped and is currently used for equipment storage during upgrades to the nearby White Slough Water Pollution Control Facility owned by the city.

Why: If approved, construction of the project would begin in early 2010 and last for about 24-months. Pre-operational testing of the facility would begin in the fourth quarter with full-scale commercial operation commencing in early 2012. Throughout the project's 12-month licensing review, the Energy Commission will conduct public workshops and hearings on the proposed plant to determine whether it should be certified for a license and under what set of conditions.

More information on the proposed plant is available at:

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