For Immediate Release: December 23, 2009
Media Contact: Percy Della - 916-654-4989

Initial staff assessment released for the proposed
Palmdale Hybrid power project

What: The staff of the California Energy Commission has released part one of the Preliminary Staff Assessment (PSA) on the proposed Palmdale Hybrid Power Project in the city of Palmdale in Los Angeles County.

When: Today, Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Where: The Palmdale PSA part one is available on the Energy Commission's Website at:

Why: The document serves as the Commission staff's initial evaluation of the environmental, engineering, and public health and safety impacts of the planned 614-megawatt facility (10 percent of which is solar).

Part one covers staff's initial analysis of the following technical areas: hazardous materials management, noise and vibration, public health, socioeconomics transmission life safety and nuisance, waste management, worker safety and fire protection, facility design, geology and paleontology, power plant efficiency, power plant reliability, transmission engineering and project alternatives.

Part two to be published in early 2010, will deal with areas not covered in part one: air quality, biological resources, land use, soil and water resources, traffic and transportation and visual resources.

After a period of public comments and community workshops on both parts of the PSA, the Energy Commission will respond to all relevant comments and release its Final Staff Assessment (FSA).

The Palmdale project, owned by the City of Palmdale, consists of a hybrid of natural gas-fired combined cycle generating facility integrated with solar thermal generating equipment to be developed on about 377 acres in the city's northern portion.

If approved by the Commission, the project will start construction towards a planned commercial operation in the summer of 2013.

Additional information on the Palmdale hybrid project is at:

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