For Immediate Release: February 10, 2010
Media Contact: Susanne Garfield - 916-654-4989


Stimulus Funds Cut Energy Costs at Stockton Community College

SACRAMENTO – The California Energy Commission today approved a low-interest loan of $131,000 to the San Joaquin Delta Community College using America Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act) funds. The loan will help to make major energy efficiency improvements to a science building, saving the school more than $138,000 annually in energy costs.

"This is a textbook example of the benefits that can accrue from Recovery Act funding, as we put people to work improving infrastructure and saving energy," said Energy Commission Chairman Karen Douglas. "The college can repay its loan in less than a year from the energy savings this project will create."

The San Joaquin Delta Community College currently has a ventilation system that circulates outside air uniformly throughout its Center for Microscopy and Allied Science building, even though laboratories need much more fresh air than classrooms and offices. By installing a variable air volume system and more sophisticated controls, the college can reduce unnecessary airflow and adjust ventilation in specific rooms, depending on such factors as temperature, the presence of air contaminants, and occupancy. The ventilation improvements will not only reduce the community college's energy bill but will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 577 tons of CO2 a year.

The one percent loan from the Energy Commission will leverage part of the project's total cost of $293,000. PG&E, the local utility, will provide the remaining $162,000 in incentives.

Since the one percent Energy Efficient Revolving Loan Program began last year using Recovery Act funds, the Energy Commission has approved almost $17.7 million in loans to 15 local jurisdictions.

In addition to approving the loan at its business meeting, the Energy Commission also revised the requirements for receiving stimulus money for energy projects. Changes were approved in the State Energy Program (SEP) Guidelines to clarify the qualifications for funding under the Clean Energy Business Financing Program. The Clean Energy Business Financing Program uses SEP funds to provide up to $35 million in low-interest loans to eligible applicants that improve or expand their energy efficiency or renewable energy manufacturing facilities in California.

The Clean Energy Business Financing Program will leverage private capital and other funds and incentives to maximize benefits for Golden State-based businesses. Applications will be competitively awarded until all funds have been exhausted. A solicitation for proposals is expected to be released in April/May. The Clean Energy Business Financing Program is one of four programs that are part of the State Energy Program offering a total of $226 million in stimulus funding for in-state energy improvements.

Governor Schwarzenegger created the California Recovery Task Force to track the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding coming into the state; work with President Barack Obama's administration; help cities, counties, non-profits, and others access the available funding; ensure that the funding funneled through the state is spent efficiently and effectively; and maintain a Website that is frequently and thoroughly updated for Californians to be able to track the stimulus dollars.

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