For Immediate Release: February 17, 2010
Media Contact: Percy Della - 916-654-4989


Proposed decision recommends license for Tracy power plant expansion

Sacramento - A Presiding Member's Proposed Decision (PMPD) released today recommends that the California Energy Commission approve the expansion of a San Joaquin County power plant.

The PMPD from the licensing committee reviewing the plant's application for certification finds that the Tracy Combined Cycle Power Plant project would comply with applicable laws, ordinances, regulations and standards if specified conditions are implemented. These conditions are required to protect public health and safety, the environment and energy resources.

The project would convert an existing 169-megawatt (MW) simple cycle power plant in to a 314-MW combined cycle facility in an incorporated county area near the southwest section of Tracy.

The proposed decision was based solely on the record of facts established during the facility's certification proceeding.

The PMPD is NOT a final decision on the project. The committee released the document for 30 days of public comment. The Committee will consider input before bringing the proposed decision to the full Commission. The entire document can be found on the Commission's website at:

In its final staff assessment (FSA), Energy Commission staff recently said the Tracy Combined Cycle Power Plant project, with the effective implementation of the proposed conditions of certification, can be constructed and operated safely and reliably.

The expanded power project would occupy a 16.38-acre, fenced site within the existing 40-acre parcel owned by the applicant, GWF Power Systems of Pittsburg, California.

The project's interconnection to the transmission grid via an existing overhead transmission line with an existing Pacific Gas and Electric switching station follows all LORS, according to the FSA.

The staff said the project has complied with the rules and requirements of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District and has identified sufficient emission reduction credits consistent with applicable air district, state, and federal rules.

The Tracy Combined Cycle Power Plant project was also evaluated for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions consistent with an Energy Commission Order Instituting Informational Proceeding, which provided guidance for fulfilling its California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) responsibilities for power plant siting projects. It is expected that the California Air Resources Board will develop regulations requiring mitigation of power plant GHG emissions in the future.

If approved, construction of GWF Tracy could begin in the fall of 2010 and commercial operation in June of 2012.

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