For Immediate Release: April 7, 2010
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CA Energy Commission Approves More Than $3 Million
to Small Cities and Counties
Stimulus Funds Used to Improve Local Energy Efficiency

SACRAMENTO - The California Energy Commission today approved the first group of small city and county Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grants (EECBG) funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The 29 EECBG awards total more than $3.4 million and helps local governments put into action energy efficiency programs and projects that save money, reduce greenhouse gas emission and build new jobs and industries for their communities.

"When every dollar counts for small cities and counties, these block grants allow them to keep money in their coffers by installing simple energy efficiency measures in their public buildings," said Energy Commission Chairman Karen Douglas. "Investing in energy efficiency is a smart move for local governments, providing long lasting savings, benefiting themselves and their residents."

The EECBG Program is providing more than $36 million in direct allocations to 208 eligible small cities and counties throughout California. The Energy Commission allocated the block grant money on a per capita basis with a minimum of $25,000 for cities and $50,000 for counties plus an unemployment adjustment. Large cities and counties are receiving funding directly from the U.S. Department of Energy.

The small local governments are using their EECBG funds to concentrate on the most cost-effective energy efficient projects and the options are almost limitless when considering the various types of lighting retrofits, building upgrades, mechanical equipment, clean energy systems and various energy management controls available.

Some cities and counties chose to pool their funding allocations and submit a joint grant application. Many jurisdictions are also combining their block grants with other funding programs such as electricity, natural gas and/or water utility company rebates or low-interest Energy Conservation Assistance Act loans from the Energy Commission to leverage every dollar and invest in their communities with new energy efficiency projects.

The Energy Commission EECBG Program provided the cities and counties with three options to spend their funds - direct purchase, energy efficiency projects, or municipal financing. Some cities and counties did not have the resources and/or expertise to develop complex energy efficiency projects so the jurisdictions choose to use their awards to make a direct purchase of pre-selected energy efficiency measures. This direct purchase option took advantage of bulk purchase discounts through the State of California or other local jurisdiction-approved vendors, or a direct purchase from a local distributor or vendor.

The 29 EECBG awards are listed. For more information about the ARRA funded Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grants and other ARRA funded programs, visit:

California Energy Commission Approved EECBG Awards (April 7, 2010)

Direct Purchase

  • CITY OF SCOTTS VALLEY - $61,709 to replace high-pressure sodium street lights with new induction fixtures
  • CITY OF SOLEDAD - $154,426 to replace existing high pressure sodium cobra-head street light fixtures with induction cobra-head fixtures.
  • CITY OF GREENFIELD - $82,019 to implement energy efficiency projects including, but not limited to street lighting retrofits, other exterior lighting retrofits and HVAC upgrades for city buildings.
  • CITY OF ALBANY - $88,846 funds to replace existing high pressure sodium vapor street lights located with LED lights.
  • CITY OF TEHAMA - $25,000 to replace HVAC units, install programmable thermostats, and replace existing lighting with energy efficient lighting in various buildings.
  • CITY OF LAFAYETTE - $137,000 to retrofit existing streetlight fixtures with energy-efficient fixtures or bulbs.
  • CITY OF HOLLISTER - $199,674 to replace and retrofit existing city equipment with energy-efficient equipment, including induction street lighting, LED lights in parking lots, and exterior lighting and high-efficiency HVAC system upgrades to city buildings.
  • CITY OF LATHROP - $93,700 to replace the existing HVAC to a high efficiency HVAC, update the street light fixture equipment with more energy efficient upgrades of the same type of equipment, and convert standard light switches to high efficiency occupancy sensors.
  • CITY OF CAPITOLA - $52,651 to replace existing street light fixture equipment with more energy efficient induction lighting fixtures.
  • CITY OF SAN MARINO - $71,904 to upgrade/replace inefficient HVAC systems at City Hall, the Police Department, the Fire Department and Public Works.
  • CITY OF SEASIDE - $185,293 to replace high pressure sodium streetlights with induction lighting and incandescent signals with LED signals.
  • CITY OF PINOLE - $103,455 to replace high pressure sodium streetlights with LED lighting fixtures.
  • TOWN OF FAIRFAX - $38,178 to replace high pressure sodium vapor decorative lamps in streetlights with higher efficiency options including induction or light emitting diodes.
  • CITY OF GOLETA - $159,293 to retrofit lighting at city hall, the community center and four elementary schools.
  • CITY OF WILLOWS - $36,351 to replace metal halide walkway and streetlights with LED and induction lighting fixtures.
  • CITY OF CALIMESA - $35,958 to retrofit three city buildings with energy efficient lighting, including installing energy efficient lamps and ballasts, occupancy sensors, LED exit signs, and outdoor LED light fixtures with photocell controls.
  • CITY OF ORLAND - $25,000 to replace the HVAC system for Orland City Hall, Orland Free Library, and the Public Corp Yard building.
  • CITY OF ARTESIA - $91,098 to replace the HVAC and lighting retrofit, replacing T12 with T8 in the library and community center.
  • CITY OF BELMONT - $133,973 to replace high pressure sodium streetlights with LED lighting fixtures.
  • CITY OF LARKSPUR - $63,132 to replace high pressure sodium streetlights with induction lighting.
  • TOWN OF WINDSOR - $223,770 to the collaborative of Windsor, Cotati and Cloverdale to replace high pressure sodium streetlights with LED and induction lighting and upgrade interior lighting.
  • CITY OF PIEDMONT - $58,369 to replace existing high pressure sodium cobra-head street light fixtures with induction cobra-head fixtures.
  • CITY OF AMERICAN CANYON - $88,498 to replace high pressure sodium cobra-head fixtures with LED fixtures.

Energy Efficiency Projects

  • SANTA CRUZ COUNTY - $746,372 to upgrade the ozone laundry, mechanical and pump controls, motors and HVAC at ten county facilities.
  • CITY OF RIPON - $81,861 to install a split AC unit in the police department's dispatch area; upgrade existing HVAC and lighting systems in the old library building; and retrofit street lighting by replacing sodium vapor lights around the city with induction type lights.
  • CITY OF DEL MAR - $25,000 to purchase a storage array network that will consolidate storage of the city's data into one physical device, resulting in reduced energy use.
  • COUNTY OF YOLO - $129,238 to replace High Pressure Sodium Pole Lights with LED lighting fixtures.
  • CITY OF BURLINGAME - $150,010 to install sensors, lighting retrofit, HVAC, variable speed drives and motors at the fire station, police department, corporate yard, city garage and library; and upgrade streetlights to induction lamps.
  • CITY OF GROVER BEACH -$71,058 for lighting and building control replacements at seven city-owned buildings.

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