For Immediate Release: April 26, 2010
Media Contact: Michele Demetras - 916-654-4989


Staff Assessment on Marsh Landing Generating Station Released

(Sacramento) -- The California Energy Commission staff released its analysis of the proposed Marsh Landing Generating Station power plant project today.

In its assessment, staff concludes that with implementation of staff's recommended mitigation measures described in the conditions of certification, the proposed 760-megawatt plant would comply with all laws, ordinances, regulations, and standards (LORS). Staff did note that the Final Determination of Compliance document from the Bay Area Air Management District, expected in May 2010, will need to be received and reviewed before a full air quality compliance determination with LORS can be made.

The staff assessment provides the detailed environmental impact assessment required by the California Environmental Quality Act. It represents the Energy Commission staff's thorough and independent review of the project's potential impacts on the environment, public health, and safety.

The staff assessment is not a decision or proposed decision on the planned facility. It will serve as staff's testimony at the evidentiary hearing on the project expected mid-summer 2010 by the hearing officer and the committee of two commissioners reviewing this case.

The proposed plant would be located on a 27-acre industrial site on Wilbur Avenue, one mile northeast of the city of Antioch, on the southern shore of the San Joaquin River. Immediately south, west and east of the site are the existing Pacific Gas & Electric substation and the Gateway Generating Station.

For more information on the Marsh Landing Generating Station and to access the staff assessment, please visit:

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