For Immediate Release: May 25, 2010
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Supplemental Staff Assessment, Part 2 released on
Abengoa Mojave Solar Project

Sacramento – The staff of the California Energy Commission today released the second part of its three-part supplemental staff assessment (SSA) for the proposed Abengoa Solar Mojave Project.

The SSA serves as the Energy Commission staff's final environmental and engineering evaluation of the proposed 250-megawatt facility in San Bernardino County.

The document is not a decision or proposed decision on the planned facility. It contains the staff's testimony at the evidentiary hearings on the project to be scheduled by the hearing officer and the committee of two commissioners reviewing the proposed project.

The SSA was released after public hearings and the end of the comment period for the staff assessment (SA) released on March 15, 2010. The workshops provided an opportunity for various government agencies, the public and other interested parties to present questions and comments on the SA. Based on the workshop dialogue, written comments received regarding the document, and additional information gathered, the Energy Commission staff revised the SA where appropriate for the SSA.

In Part Two of its SSA released today, Commission staff concludes that with the implementation of recommended mitigation measures described in the conditions of certification, environmental impacts in the areas of air quality, biological resources, soils and water resources, transmission system engineering and waste management would be mitigated to less than significant.

In Part One of its SSA released on May 12, 2010, Energy Commission staff reached the same conclusion in the areas of hazardous materials, noise and vibration, public health, traffic and transportation, visual resources, waste management and worker safety.

The SSA's Part Three, scheduled for release on or before June 30, 2010 will contain Appendix A of staff's analysis of the project's transmission system engineering. Appendix A will cover the environmental review of downstream transmission and telecommunication facilities required by the project.

The Abengoa Mojave Solar Project, proposed by Mojave Solar LLC, a limited liability company of Abengoa Solar Inc. of Delaware would implement parabolic trough technology to trap the sun's energy to boil a heat transfer fluid and power steam generators to produce electricity. The facility will be located on 1,765acres of mostly fallow agricultural land located halfway between Barstow, and Kramer Junction, and nine miles northwest of Hinkley in San Bernardino County.

If approved by the Commission, the project would start construction in December 2010, with commercial service by the fourth quarter of 2012.

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