For Immediate Release: September 16, 2010
Media Contact: Sandy Louey - 916-654-4989


Evidentiary hearing on September 20 for Calico Solar Project

Sacramento - The California Energy Commission committee reviewing the proposed 850-megawatt Calico Solar Project will hold an evidentiary hearing.

When: Monday, September 20, 2010, beginning at 1 p.m.

Where: : Hearing Room B, California Energy Commission, 1516 Ninth Street, Sacramento, California

For those unable to attend the hearing, you may participate by telephone and/or by computer. Click here:

Why: : The committee reviewing the Calico Solar Project is holding the hearing to receive evidence and hear additional arguments about the reduced project boundary scenarios submitted by the applicant, Calico Solar, LLC.

The committee issued an order on September 3 requiring that alternative project designs be discussed. The project initially had been proposed on 8,230 acres, but Calico Solar had agreed to reduce it to 6,215.

The committee indicated that they could not recommend approval of the proposed project because of the scope and scale of high quality habitat affecting desert tortoises and bighorn sheep that would be lost to construct and operate the facility. The committee is willing to consider further evidence on project proposals with reduced footprints that exclude the highest quality tortoise habitat, according to the September 3 order.

The purpose of the hearing is to establish the factual record upon which the Commission will decide the case, based on written or documentary evidence from the official parties to the proceeding.

After the hearing, the committee reviewing the project will consider the recommendations presented by staff, applicant, interveners, government agencies, and the public prior to proposing its decision to the full five-member Energy Commission for deliberation and final consideration.

What: The Calico Solar Project is being developed by Calico Solar, LLC, a subsidiary of Tessera Solar, in San Bernardino County, California on land managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. The project site is along Interstate 40 approximately 37 miles east of Barstow. The primary equipment for the generating facility would be 25-kilowatt solar dish Stirling systems, or "SunCatchers." Each SunCatcher consists of a solar receiver heat exchanger and a closed-cycle, high-efficiency engine designed to convert solar power to rotary power, then driving an electrical generator to produce grid-quality electricity.

More information on the proposed project is here:

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