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Energy Commission Helps Launch New
Energy Upgrade California Program

Energy Efficiency Program to Reach 100,000 Homes and Create
Clean Energy Jobs for Californians

The California Energy Commission joined regional efforts to increase energy efficiency and encourage clean jobs with the statewide launch of Energy Upgrade California, the new energy efficiency program. Part of this comprehensive program is the integrated Web Portal,, which provides easy to use tools and resources to property owners to help them improve their energy and water efficiency, save money and increase building comfort.

"Energy Upgrade California is exactly the kind of innovative program that will help Californians do more for less money by encouraging property owners and contractors to take advantage of energy efficiency information, incentives, rebates and financing options," said Robert Weisenmiller, Ph.D., Chair of the Energy Commission. "Consumers can put more money in their pockets by investing in the long-term benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy property improvements."

Energy Upgrade California is an unprecedented collaboration between the California Energy Commission, the Public Utilities Commission, utilities, local governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector to promote and finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for homes and businesses, reduce energy use and help train contractors and building professionals. These efforts will support construction-related jobs that lead to increased sales for local building suppliers and retailers.

More than $1.2 billion from a variety of funding sources will be leveraged through Energy Upgrade California including $146 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) State Energy Program and Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grants awards administered by the Energy Commission, $13 million from Employment Development Department Workforce Investment and more than $1 billion from investor-owned utilities for residential and commercial building upgrades Through Energy Upgrade California, local governments and utilities are supporting a suite of consumer and contractor resources including the web portal that features consumer and contractor information on energy efficiency and renewable energy building improvements, residential and commercial financing options and utility incentives, and scholarships and training for contractors.

The Energy Upgrade web portal is a one-stop clearinghouse for information, incentives, scholarship and rebates including alternative financing for residential and commercial building improvements and financial incentives by lenders. All 58 counties have their own page that highlights the services and energy efficiency opportunities available for their residents.

Using the program's Web portal, property owners can enter their zip code or county name to learn about available upgrade programs, rebates, financing options and participating contractors available to them. The Energy Upgrade California program is available for single-family detached homes. Multifamily properties (2+ units) will be phased in. In fall 2011, the program will be expanded to include commercial properties.

Upgrades are available in two rebate packages: the Basic Upgrade Package and the Advanced Upgrade Package. The Basic Package consists of seven required elements designed to improve energy efficiency by approximately 10 percent, and includes a fixed rebate of $1,000. The Advanced Package is customized for the property owner, with rebates based on the energy savings achieved between 15-40 percent, with rebates ranging from $1,500 to more than $4,000 (depending on the utility provider and energy savings achieved).

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