For Immediate Release: June 9, 2011
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News Release

California Students Create Bright Future
for Energy Commission Art Contest

Winning Artwork Illustrates 2012 Calendar

SACRAMENTO - After tapping the creativity of energy-conscious schoolchildren from throughout the state, the California Energy Commission today announced 16 winners for its 2012 Energy Calendar contest. The winning artworks offer fresh, unique illustrations of how common, everyday decisions in using energy leads to a cleaner, brighter energy future. The Commission received nearly 2,000 student entries in the 23rd annual competition.

"I am impressed by the artistic talent, imagination, and creativity of the students' artwork," said Energy Commission Executive Director Melissa Jones. "Their ability to visually depict the importance of renewable energy to power California and how energy from the sun, wind, and other natural resources is making a difference is shown in every drawing or painting."

The winning artwork touched on subjects that included cities powered entirely by solar energy; windmills shown on farms and in cities; and the importance of using energy efficient light bulbs.

The winning art collection illustrates the Energy Commission's 2012 Energy Calendar and is featured on Energy Quest, the Commission's award-winning website for kids. Contestants were encouraged to visit this virtual classroom where teachers, students, and parents can learn the importance of everyday energy-saving opportunities and explore some of the world's most innovative energy technologies.

The winning artwork can be seen at:

Corporate funding provides each student with a U.S. Savings Bond and their artwork prominently displayed on the 2012 Energy Calendar. Teachers of the winning artists will also receive a cash award for purchasing classroom materials.

Winners of the 2012 Energy Calendar contest are:

  • Amaya R., Railroad Canyon Elementary School, Lake Elsinore
  • Ryan O., Laurelwood Elementary School, Santa Clara
  • Ally C., Litel Elementary School, Chino Hills
  • Tiffany L., Ling Art Studio, Castro Valley
  • Michelle L., Hidden Hills Elementary School, San Ramon
  • Lora S., Vail Ranch Middle School, Temecula
  • Jennifer Z., Blandford Elementary School, Rowland Heights
  • Grace P., Fallon Middle School, Dublin
  • Michelle C., Jane L. Stanford Middle School, Palo Alto
  • Hannah C., CA School of Art & Design, Campbell
  • Ji Seon L., Etiwanda Intermediate School, Rancho Cucamonga
  • Jenny K., CA School of Art & Design, Pleasanton

Honorable Mentions:

  • Vivian H., Westmont Elementary School, Pomona
  • Kayla M., Lockeford Elementary School, Lockeford
  • Hanna M., Coyote Valley Elementary School, Middletown
  • Ciara R., Adelante Charter School, Santa Barbara

Student's last names have been abbreviated to protect their privacy.

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