For Immediate Release: June 08, 2012
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California Students Paint a Clean, Bright Future for
Energy Commission Art Contest

SACRAMENTO - The California Energy Commission announced the 16 winners for its 2013 Energy Calendar contest after tapping the creativity of energy-conscious school children from throughout the state. The winning art collection offers fresh, unique illustrations of how even common, everyday decisions to make wise use of energy leads to a cleaner, brighter energy future.

"I am consistently amazed by the creativity and imagination of California students," said Energy Commission Acting Assistant Executive Director Adam Gottlieb. "Their ability to grasp the importance of renewable energy to power California, and how energy from the sun, wind, and other inexhaustible resources can help is shown in each work of art."

The winning artwork touched on subjects that included cities run entirely by solar power; windmills shown on farms and in cities; and the importance of using fluorescent light bulbs.

The winning art collection will illustrate the Energy Commission's 2013 Energy Calendar and will be featured on Energy Quest, the Commission's education website. Contestants were encouraged to visit this virtual classroom where teachers, students, and parents can learn the importance of everyday energy-saving opportunities and explore some of the world's most innovative energy technologies.

The winning artwork of the contest's 24th edition will be available to be viewed and downloaded from Energy Quest at:

Corporate funding provides each student with a $100 and their artwork prominently displayed on the 2013 Energy Calendar. Teachers of the winning artists will also receive a cash award for purchasing classroom materials.

Winners of the 2013 Energy Calendar contest are:

  • Donnice C., Westmont Elementary School, Pomona
  • Jennifer Z., Salon Art School, Pleasanton
  • Yoona L., La Crescenta Elementary School, La Crescenta
  • Berwin Z., Ranch Hills Elementary School, Pomona
  • Teryl H., Valley View Elementary School, Richmond
  • Lena A., Oakdale Heights Elementary School, Oroville
  • Tiffany L., Ling's Art Studio, Castro Valley
  • Iris S., Ruth O. Harris Middle School, Bloomington
  • Julia Jeeyeo K., Seoul Arts Academy, Torrance
  • Madeleine G., Muirlands Middle School, La Jolla
  • Sophia D., Toby Johnson Middle School, Elk Grove
  • Dohee K., Williams Middle School, Tracy

Honorable Mention:

  • Madelyne S.G., Pine Grove Elementary School, Santa Maria
  • Lily P., Roosevelt Elementary School, Santa Barbara
  • Stuti R., Sutter Middle School, Folsom
  • Bianca N., Riverview Middle School, Bay Point

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Editors: NOTE students from your readership/listenership audience may be among the 16 winners of the 2013 Energy Calendar contest.