For Immediate Release: February 6, 2013
Media Contact: Sandy Louey - 916-654-4989


Workshop to be held February 20 for Hydrogen Energy California Project

SACRAMENTO - The California Energy Commission staff will hold a workshop on the proposed Hydrogen Energy California (HECA) project.

When: Wednesday, February 20, 2013, beginning at 1 p.m

Where: California Energy Commission, Hearing Room B, 1516 Ninth Street, Sacramento, California

Arrangements have been made for people unable to attend the workshop to participate by telephone and/or by computer. For details, click the link and scroll to page 5:

Why: The workshop is being held to allow staff, the applicant, intervenors, interested agencies, and the public to discuss water supply issues related to the proposed project.

The applicant plans to use brackish groundwater to be supplied through the Buena Vista Water Storage District for cooling and process water at the project. The workshop is being held to clarify the water supply issues and discuss possible alternatives and mitigation strategies.

What: The HECA project, proposed by SCS Energy, LLC, is an integrated gasification combined cycle power plant that also plans to manufacture hydrogen to generate 300 megawatts of electricity and to produce low-carbon urea and nitrogen-based products, such as fertilizer, for agricultural use. SCS Energy, LLC filed an amended application for certification with the Commission in May 2012 after redesigning key aspects of the project.

The project would be located on a 453-acre site currently used for agricultural purposes. The site is located about seven miles west of Bakersfield near the town of Tupman in western Kern County.

The project would use a gasification technology to convert coal and petroleum coke to produce hydrogen. The hydrogen-rich syngas fuel would be used to generate electricity.

The proposed plant would capture about 90 percent of the carbon dioxide produced from the gasification process and transport it for use at the adjacent Elk Hills Oil Field for enhanced oil recovery that would result in sequestration. Occidental of Elk Hills, Inc. owns and operates the field.

The estimated construction cost for the HECA project is $3.15 billion. If the Commission approves the project, construction would last 49 months with work schedule to start soon after approval with commercial operation projected for September 2017. The project would require an average workforce of 1,159 employees, with a peak of 2,461. Two hundred employees would be needed when the project is operating, according to the applicant.

More information about the HECA project can be found at:

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