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Implementation of Renewables Investment Plan     )     Docket No. 02-REN-1038
Legislation (Public Utilities Code Sections 381, )     COMMITTEE HEARINGS
383.5 and 445 [SB 1038])                         )     Re:  Continuation of the 
_________________________________________________)     Renewable Energy Program


The California Energy Commission is developing guidebooks to implement its Renewable Energy Program (REP) pursuant to Senate Bill 1038 (Sher, Chapter 515, Statutes of 2002). As part of the public process, the Energy Commission's Renewables Committee (Committee) will conduct hearings on the draft guidebooks outlining the proposed structure for the REP overall as well as the Existing Renewable Resources Account, Emerging Renewable Resources Account, and Renewable Resources Consumer Education Account.

The dates and location of the Committee hearings are as follows:

Beginning at 10 a.m.
First Floor, Hearing Room A
1516 Ninth Street
Sacramento, California

(Wheelchair Accessible)

Beginning at 10 a.m.
First Floor, Hearing Room A
1516 Ninth Street
Sacramento, California

(Wheelchair Accessible)

Audio from these hearings will be broadcast over the Internet.
For details on listening in, see our RealAudio page.

Note that the hearings target different topics related to development of the REP:

December 12 - Emerging Renewable Resources Account

December 13 - Renewable Resources Consumer Education Account, Existing Renewable Resources Account, Overall Program Structure


On September 12, 2002, Governor Gray Davis signed SB 1038, extending the Energy Commission's REP and Public Interest Energy Research Program (PIER). SB 1038 authorizes the Energy Commission to continue administering the REP and the PIER programs beginning January 1, 2003, and extends the Energy Commission's authority to continue distribution of the Public Goods Charge.

To implement the legislation, the Energy Commission conducted two staff workshops in October and November 2002 to solicit stakeholder input on four program areas: the Emerging, Existing, Customer Credit, and Consumer Education Accounts. The Committee hearings in December 2002 are intended to collect public comments on the draft guidebooks that describe the proposed structure for the REP overall as well as the Emerging, Existing, and Consumer Education Accounts.

The New Account component of the REP will not be a topic at these hearings. The REP staff is developing procedures for the New Account in consultation with the California Public Utilities Commission and in consideration of the provisions of the Renewables Portfolio Standard mandated by Senate Bill 1078 (Sher, Chapter 516, Statutes of 2002). The schedule for consideration of the New Account program will be provided in a subsequent notice.

The REP staff intends to address changes to the Customer Credit Account as part of or subsequent to the Customer Credit report mandated by Public Utilities Code section 383.5(f)(2)(E). This report requires the Energy Commission to report on how to most effectively utilize the funds for Customer Credits, including whether the Customer Credit program should be continued. A schedule for this report will be provided in a subsequent notice.

Availability of Draft Guidebooks

Attached to this notice are summaries of the proposed major changes in the Existing, Emerging, and Consumer Education Accounts. The draft guidebooks in their entirety are available at the following website address:


For those preferring a hard copy of the guidebooks, please call the Project Secretary, Janet Preis, at (916) 654-4530, or e-mail at jpreis@energy.state.ca.us, and request a copy of the December 12, 2002, and/or December 13, 2002, Committee hearing materials on the REP.

Written Comments

Interested members of the public are encouraged to review the highlights and proposed guidebooks and comment. Members of the public may submit written or verbal comments at the hearings on December 12, 2002 and December 13, 2002. Written comments submitted after the hearings must be submitted by close of business December 16, 2002. The REP staff is interested in considering all public input submitted after the hearings and strongly encourages public observance of the due date for written comments.

Those submitting written comments should provide an original plus 11 copies to the Energy Commission's Docket Unit. Those interested in filing comments by e-mail immediately may send electronic documents to [docket@energy.state.ca.us] but will need to follow up with an original copy by mail or one delivered to the Docket Unit. If you are providing written comments at the hearings, please make an additional 30 copies available at the beginning of the hearings. Written materials filed with the Docket Unit or provided at the hearings become part of the public record. Please send or deliver written materials to:

California Energy Commission
Re: Docket No. 02-REN-1038
Docket Unit, MS-4
1516 Ninth Street
Sacramento, CA 95814-5504


The Energy Commission's Public Adviser, Roberta Mendonca, provides assistance regarding participation in Energy Commission activities. Members of the public who would like information on how to participate in the hearings may contact the Public Adviser's Office by phone at (916) 654-4489 or toll free at (800) 822-6228, FAX at (916) 654-4493, or e-mail at [pao@energy.state.ca.us].

If you have a disability and need assistance to participate in the hearings, please contact Lourdes Quiroz at (916) 654-5416 at least five days before the hearings.

Members of the public who have technical questions regarding this notice may contact Tim Tutt, Technical Director of the Renewable Energy Program by phone at (916) 654-4590 or by e-mail at [ttutt@energy.state.ca.us]. News media should direct inquiries to Claudia Chandler, Assistant Director, at (916) 654-4989.

Dated: December 2, 2002

Commissioner and Presiding Member
Renewables Committee

Commissioner and Associate Member
Renewables Committee

Mass Mail List: Master63
Date Mailed: December 2, 2002

Summary of Major Changes in the
Emerging Renewable Resources Account

Summary of Major Changes in the
Existing Renewable Resources Account

At the end of each fiscal year, the Energy Commission will true up payments by verifying actual payments made to each facility from the Agricultural Grant Program.

Summary of Major Changes in the
Renewable Resources Consumer Education Account

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