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Notice of Advisory Committee Meeting on the Affordable
Housing Segment of the New Solar Homes Partnership

The Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (Affordable Housing Committee), established as part of the New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP), will meet to discuss and comment on the implementation of the affordable housing segment of the NSHP and other activities related to the implementation of this important market segment. The meeting will be held:

10:00 a.m.
1516 Ninth Street
Hearing Room B
Sacramento, California
(Wheelchair Accessible)

To participate by phone,
please call 888-889-6348 by 10 a.m.
Passcode: 27566
Call Leader: Diana Chong

Purpose and Agenda

This and subsequent meetings and public workshops provide Affordable Housing Committee members and participants a forum to discuss issues, comment on proposals, and recommend implementation strategies. Members and participants will report on affordable housing activity, discuss the development of the project-specific utility allowance tool and recommendations made on metering issues.


The Energy Commission's NSHP began on January 2, 2007. The NSHP program encourages the installation of photovoltaic systems on highly energy efficient new residential construction.

With the help of the Affordable Housing Committee and interested parties, an incentive structure and process for affordable housing has been incorporated into the second edition of the NSHP Guidebook, which was adopted by the Energy Commission at its July 11, 2007 Business Meeting.

The Affordable Housing Committee is an independent, informal stakeholder group which includes representatives from California's Department of Housing and Community Development, the State Treasurer's Office, California Housing Finance Agency, the affordable housing development community, commercial banking, and solar energy industries. A list of the Affordable Housing Committee members is available upon request.

While Commissioners of the Energy Commission do not serve on the independent Affordable Housing Committee, they are interested in facilitating this form of public and stakeholder participation, and may attend Affordable Housing Committee meetings. To this end, an Affordable Housing Committee meeting is being held at the Energy Commission and notice of the meeting is being posted on the Energy Commission's website. Future meetings, as well as Affordable Housing Committee materials, will also be posted on the Energy Commission's website: http://www.energy.ca.gov/renewables/06-NSHP-1/]. .

For questions about the Affordable Housing Committee, please contact Sandy Miller at (916) 654-5166 or smiller@energy.state.ca.us. Please direct all media inquiries to Claudia Chandler, Assistant Executive Director, at (916) 654-4989, or by email at mediaoffice@energy.state.ca.us.

For more information on the New Solar Homes Partnership, visit www.gosolarcalifornia.ca.gov.

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Chairman and Associate Member
Renewables Committee

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Date Posted: November 27, 2007

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