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Notice of Advisory Committee Meeting for the New Solar Homes Partnership

The New Solar Homes Partnership Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee) will meet to discuss the New Solar Homes Partnership program.

10 a.m.
1516 Ninth Street
First Floor, Hearing Room B
Sacramento, California
(Wheelchair Accessible)

Remote Attendance

Participants are encouraged to attend the meeting. If participants are not able to attend, a conference call-in number is available. To participate in the meeting by phone, please call 800-779-9313 by 10 a.m. Passcode: 21990 Call Leader: Diana Chong.


At this meeting, Advisory Committee members and participants have an opportunity to exchange views on the New Solar Homes Partnership and report on the status of activities. The expected topics for the meeting are in the attached agenda, developed by the Advisory Committee and coordination with staff.


The Advisory Committee is an independent, informal stakeholder group that includes representatives from the building, utility, and solar industries. The Advisory Committee has held seven meetings to discuss various elements regarding program design and activities of the New Solar Homes Partnership.

While Commissioners of the California Energy Commission do not serve on the independent Advisory Committee, they are interested in facilitating this form of public and stakeholder participation, and may attend the meeting. Any future meetings and Advisory Committee materials will be posted on the Energy Commission's website at

Public Participation

The Energy Commission's Public Adviser's Office provides the public assistance in participating in Energy Commission activities. If you want information on how to participate in this forum, please contact the Public Adviser's Office at (916) 654-4489 or toll free at (800) 822-6228, by FAX at (916) 654-4493, or by e-mail at If you have a disability and require assistance to participate, please contact Lou Quiroz at (916) 654-5146 at least five days in advance.

Please direct all news media inquiries to the Media and Public Communications Office at (916) 654-4989, or by e-mail at For technical questions on the subject matter, please call Payam Narvand, Renewable Office Supervisor, 916-654-4017, or by e-mail at

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Draft Agenda
New Solar Home Partnership (NSHP) Advisory Committee Meeting

April 3, 2009
10:00 AM

1516 Ninth Street, First Floor, Hearing Room B
Sacramento, California

  1. NSHP program statistics
    (CEC - Sandy Miller)
  2. NSHP Guidebook issues and possible changes
    (CEC - Sandy Miller)
  3. Title 24 changes and other NSHP related Energy Efficiency items
    (CEC - Devorah Eden)
  4. NSHP Marketing & Outreach status report
    (CEC - Amy Morgan & Edelman)
  5. Individual reporting about NSHP and Residential New Construction (RNC) programs by the 3 Investor-owned utility program administrators
  6. New federal legislation (energy stimulus)
    David Hochschild)
  7. Update on the CA housing market and market projections
    (Rob Hammon or Rob Raymer)

Remote Attendance

Conference Call - To participate in the meeting by phone, please call 800-779-9313 by 10 a.m. Passcode: 21990 Call Leader: Diana Chong