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Program Opportunity Notice Grant Solicitation for Emerging Renewable Technologies
(Grants Approved August 2000. Info as of July 25, 2002)
Project Descriptions Below

Company Name Project Title
Contact Name Phone E-mail Funding Requested Match Fund Project Duration
Chico Community Publishing Inc. Educational media outreach program Chris Caraway 916-498-1234 xt. 1319 chrisc@ newsreview. com $69,178.00 $34,271.44 (50%) September 13, 2000
September 30, 2001
Evergreen Energy LLC Small Wind Consumer's Guide Tom Starrs 206-463-7571 kelstar@ nwrain. com $24,650.00 $6,500.00 (26%) November 1, 2000
May 1, 2001
Northern California Solar Energy Association Solar Home Tour in Northern California Robin Mitchell 510-486-4141 rm6620@ aol. com $11,300.00 $9,800.00 (87%) October 1, 2000
October 1, 2001
Pathfinder Communications Development of articles, website content and hand-outs Peter Asmus 916-448-6955 pthfind@ ns. net $75,000.00 $57,400.00 (77%) October 1, 2000
October 1, 2001
Rahus Institute Rahus Renewable Roots Campaign --posters, flyers, demo kit, interactive display, PV display, media articles, web site development Tor Allen 925-370-7262 tor@ rahus. org $71,965.00 $92,500.00 (129%) August 31, 2000
October 1, 2001
San Diego State University Foundation San Diego Region Photovoltaic Education and Outreach Project -- virtual PV clearinghouse & targeted outreach campaign Scott Anders 619-594-2579 sanders@ projects. sdsu. edu $74,980.00 $33,214.00 (44%) October 1, 2000
October 1, 2001
Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation PV and/ or Wind for Co-ops Education and Demonstration program Cathy Mulcahy 530-753-2667 murnighan@ aol. com $47,923.00 $37,330.00 (78%) October 1, 2000
August 31, 2001
TOTAL FUNDING $375,000.00 $269,630.44

Project Descriptions & Project Status

Chico News and Review

Updated: March 6, 2002

  • "A Solar Power Plant on your Roof"

  • "Buying 'Green' Electricity"

  • "Capturing the Wind"

  • "Fuel Cells: The Next Revolution?"

  • "Power Your Home, Farm or Business by Capturing the Wind"

  • "Rolling Blackout Proof?"

  • "Fuel Cells: The Next Revolution?"

  • "Most Schools Spend More Money on Energy Each Year than on School Supplies!"

  • "Solar Beer for a Solar State"

  • "California, Renewable Energy, and You"

  • "Conservation and Renewable Energy is the Key"

  • "Solar PV Taking Hold in Butte County"

  • The King of Butte County Residential Solar PV?"

  • California Residents Supplementing Energy Use by Adding Solar Electric Power Generation

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Evergreen Energy LLC

Updated: July 9, 2002

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Northern California Solar Energy Association (NCSEA)

Updated: November 8, 2001

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Pathfinder Communications

Updated: October 3, 2001

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Rahus Institute


Project started September 2000.

Project ended September 2001.

Funds distributed: $71,964

Match funds: $170,400

Goal: Raise awareness about personal renewable power using photovoltaics and small wind energy systems by delivering messages through partners to their constituents.

Lessons learned are briefly summarized below:

Summary: In the absence of a direct access market for green power, the USPS is reevaluating its energy strategies. Meant to compliment the switch to green power for 1,000 USPS offices, the poster may not be as effective for the USPS in the absence of its green power campaign. The survey revealed that most posters were displayed in non-public areas. However, the SunPower poster has been distributed to many others, and will continue to be broadly distributed in upcoming projects including schools and other organizations.


  • The Regeneration Project

Summary: Posters and demonstration units have been successful in teaching about PV applications, and will continue to be useful as interest continues to grow about installing PV on churches and homes of church members and their guests.

Summary: It is too early to measure the impact of these displays. Rahus plans to seek partnerships with others to offer new solar displays for other public buildings.

  • Community Environmental Council/Gildea Resource Center Photovoltaic Display Project

Summary: PV display enhances visitor awareness about solar technologies, providing real-time data and accumulated energy production feedback. The Council is expanding its efforts to establish the Center as a local resource for information on solar energy, and in exploring ways to promote PV applications in Santa Barbara County.

Summary: Due to the increase in energy in the news in summer 2001, Rahus recognized that that free media was taking place, and additional news articles were not needed. Rahus focused its attention on compiling news for online editions for its Web Site, providing articles on solar energy issues throughout the state.

Summary: The website has attracted over 10,000 page views in September. Marketing the website was stepped up to include a press release, placing links on environmental websites, and flyer distribution. The subscriber list is growing rapidly, with about 1,000 subscribers by October.

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San Diego State University Foundation

Updated: NOVEMBER 9, 2001

Website: The URL for the PV Website isº

The Website is a one-stop shop for information on installing a photovoltaic system on your home or business. Information on the site includes:

A lecture on Building-Integrated Photovoltaics for architects was conducted on October 4, 2001. Gregory Kiss of Kiss+Cathcart presented case studies on building-integrated photovoltaics. A panel also discussed Zero Energy Buildings. Approximately 180, mostly architects, attended this event.

The San Diego Solar Home Tour was held on October 20, 2001. The event was a great success with 5 times the attendance compared to last year. ICF Consulting, under contract to the California Energy Program provided media support for the tour.

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Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation

Updated: July 25 2002

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Page Updated: July 25, 2002