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Consumer Education Program

The goal of this account was to educate consumers, generate public interest about renewable energy resources, build and maintain a consumer-driven market for renewable power through consumer education. A total of $5.4 million was appropriated for the four-year educational out-reach effort from 1998 through 2002. More ...

This page links to materials created to increase consumer awareness about the benefits of renewable energy technologies. Various marketing materials and activities have been created and conducted to educate adults and children about renewable energy. Consumer outreach includes brochures, consumer guides, fact sheets, public activities, mass media efforts such as TV and radio messages, school programs, a toll-free phone number, and website information.

CURRENT Guidebook and Documents

Older Archived Documents

NOTE: The materials below were time-specific and are now dated. They are available here for archival purposes only.

For assistance regarding the Renewable Energy Program, please contact:

Renewable Energy Call Center
800-555-7794 (toll-free in California)
916-654-4058 (outside California)