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California Energy Commission

Publication Number P102-97-001
May 1997

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Table of Contents

Statement From the Commission


Executive Summary

Mission, Vision and Values


Roles, Goals and Strategies

Performance Measures


Statement From the Commission

In 1974, the State Legislature created the California Energy Commission to address the energy challenges facing the state. For more than 20 years, the Energy Commission has pursued its mission by using a balanced mix of policies, regulations and incentives to improve energy systems with the goal of promoting a strong economy and healthy environment. With Governor Pete Wilson's signing of the Electric Industry Restructuring Law (Assembly Bill 1890, Statutes of 1996, Chapter 854, Brulte), California is now poised to greatly reduce the government's direct involvement in utility business activities and to rely increasingly on market forces to set prices for energy services. As Governor Wilson has stated: "By dealing with this difficult issue in a comprehensive way California will be a pace-setter in the national deregulation movement."

This change has compelled reexamination of the Energy Commission's role, as well as its programs and policies. This document is an important initial step in redefining the Energy Commission's mission as the state and the rest of the industry transition to the new market structure.

In developing the Strategic Plan, the Energy Commission gave thought to the challenges facing it, its mission and vision for the future. A vital part of the process was to learn from outside stakeholders their views concerning the role of the Energy Commission and the effectiveness of its programs. The Energy Commission engaged the services of a private consulting group, The Resources Company, to ensure confidentiality and gain candid feedback. A total of more than 40 organizations and 50 people participated, either in one of five, half-day focus group sessions, or through individual interviews.

It was also important to obtain candid feedback from Energy Commission employees. More than 200 employees filled out a detailed questionnaire as part of the internal stakeholder participation. Collectively, several hundred staff also attended one of several all-staff meetings on strategic planning. The information received from internal and external stakeholders strongly influenced the strategic directions. The Strategic Plan is not self-implementing all must work together to implement it.

William J. Keese, Chairman
David A. Rohy, Ph.D., Vice Chairman
Robert A. Laurie, Commissioner; Chairman, Strategic Planning Committee
Michal C. Moore, Commissioner
Jananne Sharpless, Commissioner


Executive Summary

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