Industrial, Agriculture and Water Research Projects

IAW research activities can be grouped into four general focus areas: Agriculture and Food Processing, Data Centers, Other Industrial and Water-Energy.

Agriculture and Food Processing

New Energy Efficient Infrared Drying and Blanching Technologies for Fruits and Vegetables

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The proposed research is to develop and demonstrate an infrared dry-blanching and drying system for fruits or vegetables that results in high quality products. The sequential infrared and freeze-drying (SIRFD) method is estimated to reduce energy use by 40 percent compared to traditional freeze-drying methods. The simultaneous infrared dry-blanching and dehydration (SIRDBD) method eliminates the water or steam used in traditional blanching and reduces energy use.


Infrared Dry-peeling Technology for Tomatoes Saves Energy

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This research will use infrared heating technology for peeling tomatoes. Infrared dry-peeling, a device that uses electromagnetic radiation to peel tomatoes, shows promise in reducing energy consumption, producing less wastewater and preserving product quality. Infrared dry-peeling is expected to reduce the tomato peeling loss significantly and result in a firmer product as compared to chemical peeling.


Innovative Drying and Nutrients Extraction Technology Saves Energy

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This project will evaluate whether the new drying and nutrients extraction technology allows a higher yield extraction of lipids and nutrients from fruits and vegetables as compared to conventional techniques. The research will also quantify the new technology's energy savings for the extraction process.


Data Centers

Other Industrial

Water-Energy Nexus