Renewable Energy Secure Communities

The Energy Commission's Renewable Energy Secure Communities (RESCO) program aims to address issues with the deployment and integration of renewable energy at the community scale. Projects focus on technical solutions that enable communities to rely primarily on locally-available renewable resources to provide electricity at competitive rates. This increased reliance on indigenous renewable resources minimizes vulnerability to interruptions and emergencies affecting imported energy, thereby increasing local grid security. Projects range from exploratory projects, which develop an energy action plan for the community to achieve the RESCO vision, to pilot projects, which demonstrate specific renewable energy projects within the community, to full-scale RESCO implementation projects. Further goals of the RESCO program are to:

  • Develop models and tools for integrating renewable energy into a community in an economically-optimum way.
  • Develop and implement local energy infrastructure that works in harmony with the state-wide energy system.
  • Demonstrate the community-scale integration of renewable energy technologies in such a way that allows energy to be supplied on a consistent basis.