Planning Renewable Energy Research

Renewable energy research is planned using research roadmaps. A research roadmap is prepared at the topic level and includes a broad literature review, identification of institutions conducting relevant research, and evaluation of other ongoing research. Generally, PIER Renewables Research Roadmaps:

  • Engage stakeholders, including federal, state and local governments, as well as industry and other non-governmental organizations.
  • Identify gaps in ongoing research relative to selected issues.
  • Facilitate collaborations with other research institutions, state agencies, and utilities.
  • Define short-, mid-, and long-term goals, timeframes, budgets, and activities.
  • Balance timeframes, risk, and provide the greatest public benefit.

PIER Renewable Energy Research Roadmaps

PIER Renewable Energy Technologies RD&D Roadmap

The Roadmap consists of five key elements: policy goals, vision, platforms, strategic objective, and milestones. Key state renewable energy policy goals identified include the Renewables Portfolio Standard goals of 20 percent by 2010 and 33 percent by 2020, the California Solar Initiative, and the Bioenergy Action Plan for California."

A Preliminary Roadmap for the Development of Biomass in California

"[This] preliminary roadmap has been prepared primarily by the executive board and staff of the California Biomass Collaborative with public input and builds on efforts at both the national and state levels to increase the use of biomass for energy and products. It is intended to inform and guide policy makers, law makers, regulators, investors, researchers, and developers involved with biomass and energy issues in California, but should be of interest to anyone concerned about environmental impacts, sustainable resource management, our current use of fossil fuels, and our future energy strategies."

Utility Scale Renewable Energy Research

Roadmap available in 2011.

Renewable Energy Secure Communities Research

Roadmap available in 2011.

Renewable Energy Secure Buildings Research

Roadmap available in 2011.