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The California Energy Commission is responsible for reviewing and ultimately approving or denying all thermal electric power plants, 50 MW and greater, proposed for construction in California. The Energy Commission's facility certification process carefully examines public health and safety, environmental impacts and engineering aspects of proposed power plants and all related facilities such as electric transmission lines, natural gas pipelines and water pipelines. The Energy Commission is the lead agency under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

On December 9, 1999, Blythe Energy Limited Liability Company (the applicant) filed an Application for Certification (AFC) for the Blythe Energy Project (BEP). The Energy Commission staff has begun reviewing the AFC for data adequacy. The Energy Commission's Executive Director is required to publish a data adequacy recommendation within 30 days from the date of filing. The Energy Commission is required to act on the Executive Director's recommendation within 45 days of receipt of the AFC. The Energy Commission will consider the issue of data adequacy at the business meeting on January 26, 2000. If the Energy Commission decides that the application is complete, we will begin the data discovery and analysis phases. These phases will include a number of public workshops and hearings. We will be scheduling an Informational Hearing and site visit in late February or early March 2000. The Energy Commission's overall review process will be completed within 12 months of the AFC's being deemed data adequate.


The Blythe Energy Project will be a nominal 520-megawatt (MW), natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant. The applicant's proposed site is located on privately owned lands located near Interstate 10 and the Blythe Airport. This is about five miles west of the City of Blythe. The proposed site is located in Section 33, Township 6 South, Range 22 East. Blythe Energy LLC has purchase options on the two parcels that total approximately 76 acres, (assessor's parcel numbers 824-101-10 and 824-101-11).

The main power facilities for the project will occupy about 15 acres and contain the power island, administrative buildings, chemical storage areas, cooling towers and other support facilities. Natural gas will be supplied to the project via a new pipeline of approximately 0.8 miles long. Water for the plant will be supplied by groundwater derived from wells located on the 76-acre property site. These wells will supply approximately 2,200 gallons of water per minute needed for the project when it is operating. The project proposes to interconnect with the regional electric transmission grid at the existing Blythe Substation located within 600 feet of the proposed project site. This substation is owned and operated by the federal Western Area Power Administration. This substation interconnects five existing 161 KV regional transmission lines.

The project is estimated to have a capital cost of about $225 million. The applicant plans to complete construction and start operation of the combined-cycle unit in 2003. During construction, up to approximately 250 construction jobs will be created over the 16 to 20 month construction schedule. A permanent professional workforce of approximately 20 people will operate the plant.


The purpose of the AFC process is to enable the Energy Commission to assess the project's impact on environmental quality, electrical system reliability, public health, and safety. During the 12- month period (after data adequacy has been achieved), the Energy Commission will conduct a number of public workshops and hearings to determine whether the project should be approved for construction and operation and under what set of conditions. These workshops will provide to members of the public, as well as representatives of local, state, and federal agencies, the opportunity to ask questions and provide input about the proposed project. The Energy Commission will issue notices for these workshops and hearings, normally 14 days, but in no case later than 10 days prior to the meeting. If you are not currently receiving these notices and want to be placed on the mailing list, please contact Pat Owen, Project Secretary, at (916) 653-4677.

If you want information on how you can participate in the Energy Commission's review of the project, please contact Ms. Roberta Mendonca, the Energy Commission's Public Adviser, at (916) 654-4489 or toll free in California at (800) 822-6228; or by email at pao@energy.state.ca.us. Technical or project schedule questions should be directed to Lance Shaw, Siting Project Manager, in the Energy Facilities Siting and Environmental Protection Division, at (916) 653-1227, or by email at lshaw@energy.state.ca.us. The status of the project, copies of notices and other relevant documents are also available on the Energy Commission's Internet website at


News media inquiries should be directed to Assistant Executive Director, Claudia Chandler, at (916) 654-4989.

This notice of receipt has been mailed to all parties that have requested to be placed on the mailing list during prefiling and to property owners located adjacent to the project site or any of the project-related facilities. By being on the mailing list, you will receive notices of all project-related activities and notices when documents related to the projectÕs evaluation are available for review. If you want your name removed from the mailing list, please contact Pat Owen, Project Secretary, at (916) 653-4677.


Copies of the AFC document are available for public inspection at:

Palo Verde Valley District Library
125 West Chanslorway
Blythe, CA 92225

Brawley Public Library
400 Main Street
Brawley, CA 92227

Riverside Main Library
3581 Mission Inn Ave.
Riverside, CA 92501

Copies are also available at the Energy Commission's Library in Sacramento, the California State Library in Sacramento, and at public libraries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Fresno, and Eureka. In addition, copies will be distributed to those public agencies which would normally have jurisdiction except for the Energy Commission's exclusive authority to certify sites and related facilities.

DATE ON LINE: January 7, 2000

Deputy Director
Energy Facilities Siting
and Environmental Protection

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