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Bullard Energy Center (BEC) Power Plant Licensing Case Documents Page

Docket Number:06-AFC-08

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Commission's Documents

Applicant Request for Suspension of Bullard AFC Review Posted: September 13, 2007. (PDF file. 3 pgs. 81 kb)

Letter from the California Energy Commission to the City of Fresno Planning and Development Department Posted: March 30, 2007. (PDF file. 6 pgs. 66.2 kb)

Transcript for the February 7, 2007 - Public Informational Hearing & Site Visit. Posted: February 26, 2007. (PDF file. 118 pgs. 160 kb)

Report of Conversation - City of Fresno Land Use Non-Conformity Issues Associated with BEC. Posted: February 7, 2007. (PDF file. 5 pgs. 156 kb)

Issue Identification Report . Posted: February 2, 2007. (PDF file. 10 pgs. 88 kb)

Corrected Data Requests 1 through 67. Posted: January 31, 2007. (PDF file. 29 pgs. 115 kb)

Data Requests 1 through 69. Posted: January 30, 2007. (PDF file. 30 pgs. 204 kb)

Revised Data Adequacy Recommendation. Posted: December 21, 2006. (PDF file. 48 pgs. 244 kb)

Data Adequacy Recommendation. Posted: December 6, 2006. (PDF file. 82 pgs. 383 kb)

Applicant's Documents

Letter from Bullard Energy Center Requesting Termination of Application for Certification, dated Februry 22, 2008. Posted: February 25, 2008. (PDF file. 1 pgs. 149 kb)

PG&E Confirms That Site Change Minor Modification., Posted: August 16, 2007. (PDF file. 3 pgs. 91 kb)

Request to suspend AFC , Posted: August 8, 2007. (PDF file. 5 pgs. 91 kb)

Revised Response to Data Request #62, Posted: March 23, 2007. (PDF file. 4 pgs. 44 kb)

Data Response for Data Requests 1-67 (Set 1) - Posted: March 14, 2007. (PDF, Excel files)

Revised Figure 3.4-6, Posted: February 13, 2007. (PDF file. 4 pgs. 44 kb)

Applicant Request for Extension of Time to File Data Request Responses, Posted: February 13, 2007. (PDF file. 5 pgs. 48 kb)

Bullard Data Adequacy Responses, Posted: January 2, 2007. (PDF files)

Application for Certification, filed November 6, 2006. (PDF files)
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Intervenors' and Others' Documents

City Of Fresno's Request For Additional Information. Posted: May 7, 2007. (PDF file. 24 pgs. 400 kb)

City Of Fresno's Request For Additional Information. Posted: March 27, 2007. (PDF file. 11 pgs. 3.3 mb)

City of Fresno's response to Bullard Energy Center's Request to Review Project for Consistency with Fresno Zoning Ordinances. Posted: February 2, 2007. (PDF file. 5 pgs. 94.6 kb)

Figures and Maps

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