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Notice of Comment Opportunity
Carrizo Plain Wildlife Corridor Study Input Data
Pertaining to the
Carrizo Energy Solar Farm (07-AFC-8),
Topaz Solar Farm and
the California Valley Solar Ranch Projects

This notice is to inform you of the opportunity for review and to provide comments regarding input data that is proposed for use in the Carrizo Plain Wildlife Corridor Study. The Energy Commission is currently reviewing the solar thermal Carrizo Energy Solar Farm (CESF) Project Application for Certification (07-AFC-8). In addition, San Luis Obispo County is currently reviewing two Conditional Use Permit Applications for solar photo-voltaic projects consisting of the Topaz Solar Farm and the California Valley Solar Ranch projects. All three projects are currently proposed for development within the Carrizo Plain. The Wildlife Corridor Study is being conducted as a part of the Energy Commission's siting process for the CESF (proceeding number 07-AFC-8) in a publically open process in cooperation and coordination with the applicants for all three projects as well as various involved agencies including San Luis Obispo County, California Department of Fish and Game, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Energy Commission staff. The first in a series of publically noticed workshops was conducted via Webex on January 7, 2009, with the tentative dates for remaining workshops shown on the attached draft schedule. Before initiating the study, the Energy Commission and cooperating agencies are providing an opportunity for public review and for receiving public comments pertaining to the Wildlife Corridor Study input data. The comment period and directions for submitting comments are as follows:

Comment Period: January 27 - February 2, 2009
Comments should be directed via email to all of the following:
John Kessler - Energy Commission Project Manager;
Kristeen Penrod - Energy Commission Study Consultant;
John McKenzie - San Luis Obispo County Project Manager;

Wildlife Corridor Study Input Data is currently available on the CEC's website at:

  1. Study Area Delineation Figure
  2. Criteria Rankings for San Joaquin Kit Fox, Pronghorn, and Tule Elk
  3. Draft Schedule for Conducting the Wildlife Corridor Study
  4. Vegetation data in Study Area for review in Google Earth
  5. Vegetation map legend
  6. Road data in Study Area for review in Google Earth
  7. Protected lands in Study Area for review in Google Earth as a reference in reviewing other maps
  8. Quick Tips for Using Google Earth and Options for Providing Comments

Note: In order to view the Vegetation and Road data in the Study Area, it is necessary to perform a free software download of Google Earth 4.3, which is available at Once you have downloaded the kmz files, just navigate to where they are saved and double click on the file to launch Google Earth. The application will zoom right to the data extent.

Public Participation and Access to Information

If you desire information on how to participate in the Energy Commission's review of the project, please contact the Energy Commission Public Adviser, Elena Miller, at (916) 654-4489 or toll free in California at (800) 822-6228, or by email at Technical or project schedule questions should be directed to John Kessler, Energy Commission Project Manager, at (916) 654-4679 or at The status of the project, an electronic copy of the Application for Certification, the Preliminary Staff Assessment, copies of notices, and other relevant documents are also available on the Energy Commission's web site at

News media inquiries should be directed to Assistant Executive Director, Susanne Garfield, at (916) 654-4989.

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