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Delta Energy Center Project Power Plant Licensing Case
Compliance Proceeding

Docket Number: 1998-AFC-03C

Compliance Notices
Compliance Documents

Items are listed by the date of the meeting or event, where applicable.

Revised Staff Analysis of Amendment Request # 6, Date Uploaded: September 2, 2004. (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 6 pages, 132 kilobytes.)

Staff Analysis of Proposed Project Modification to Air Quality Conditions, Date Uploaded: April 28, 2004. (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 7 pages, 220 kilobytes.)

Staff Analysis of Proposed Project Modification Modify Emission Air Quality Conditions (AQ-27 (h), -28, -38, -39, -43, -44, -45 (f), -48 and -49), Date Uploaded: March 25, 2003.(Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 14 pages, 42 kilobytes.)