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Subject: Re: [DELTA-LIST] Intervenor Document On Line. 98-AFC-3

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For the Record,

My representation As Community Health First concerning the
Breaking of my rights under the Acts I sent reference to is
going to have to be covered by the DA either the State or
the County and if they do not show a course of action on my
part then I will sue their butts also for not representing
my rights as they have the obligation to do so.

I will also then have to request this lawyer to represent me
and the people I represent fully in this. Not to mention the
fact that I asked Mike Boyd as Californian's For Renewable
Energy to Represent me a long time ago.

He can also work in my behalf. I have had my rights and
those of the minority poor in the HUD district that I
represent squashed and blatantly ignored by this commission
time and again. I am suing.

So let it be known that this lawyer is also representing my
case under the envelope of Californian's For Renewable

You have gone over the threshold of no return here. I
presented evidence that was completely minimized and ignored
when it should not have been so. I have shown that everyone
of these agencies are underestimating the health effects. I
am now tired of playing your political game and suing.

You are guilty of breaking so many laws it is sickening to
think you are even allowed to operate as a Commission. You
have consistently ignored the Intervenor's evidence and
excluded evidence. You have thrown out the original
submission when a amendment was presented. A amendment does
not replace the originals other wise it would be called a
"Replacement" not a "Amendment". So by doing so you have
thrown out evidence submitted by myself and others. Which is
against the law also. That is tampering with evidence.

You have blatantly ignored my rights as a chemically injured
person and even in my view point used my weakness against me
by exploiting it to hurry up the process and not break for
the next day so that I would be allowed to question the
supposed experts. I also disagree with the amount of
education these experts have in this area of chemicals and
their effects on human bodies. I also feel when a expert is
presented he must be fully qualified not half way through
the required education in toxicology to be called a expert.
If that where the case then I am a electronics expert
because I have the equivalent of 2 years college in
electronics. It does not work that way. This Commission is
irreprehensible in their damage they have caused to this
community's health and will be held responsible to the
fullest measure of the law.

Also I do not see my last e-mail. Now everyone is trying to
say they did not get it. It is concerning the next hearing
being held in the morning time. Again you are blatantly
disregarding my disability.

I expect the State District Attorney to respond and take
this infraction against me and the people I represent, the
Poor and Minorities, to the fullest letter of the law and
stick it to this Commission for their disregard for the laws
and their flagrant disrespect to the community and the
public that gave them their jobs in the first place. If not
I will take this to the Federal District Attorney and then
go from their. You are not getting off this easy though.

If I have to go all the way to the President of the United
States. That is how angry this whole situation makes me. I
do not take all this time and effort to help my community's
health and prevent a major health disaster to allow you to
walk all over me as you thus far have done. I do not think
of it as just myself you are trying to rail road but the
whole poor and minority community here. You are disregarding
whole pockets of minority populations and the City as a
whole is minority. You are going against your own laws and
regulations and codes.

You are going down!!! Legally speaking.

Joe Hawkins Community Health Is Environmental First

I am now going by this name. It spells "CHIEF".

I am part American Indian so I like these initials. CHIEF