Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 00:28:57 -0800
From: Joe & Paula Hawkins {}
Organization: Community Health First
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Subject: 98-AFC-3 Response again.

X-Priority: 1 (Highest)

Also For the Record.

In response to my requests for proof that the community was
notified of these plants CALPINE responded and gave me
evidence that shows they advertised this Natural Gas Fired
Power Plant as clean energy. That is fraudulently false
advertising to the greatest degree. This plant is the next
generation of filth and you are putting it in a already
filthy area due to the over pollution causing
industrialization of this area.

The Energy Commission also as in the record from their proof
they sent me know that they did not really give but a couple
of minor notifications to this community. I still ask people
and they do not know about either Power plant being build. I
even ask business owners who have no knowledge of this until
I approach them.

The CEC has the responsibility to make sure the community
was properly notified. This community was not in both
98-AFC-1 and 98-AFC-3.

Also the fact that upon searching the CEC's web site I
noticed that the CEC is calling polluting industries that
use Natural Gas as Green Energy with the green flowery leaf
symbol. The CEC is promoting pollution also and calling it
green energy:

Above you say green for only 50% renewable. The problem is
that renewable should be only non-polluting with the green
sign. Not a polluting form of non-renewable. And it should
only have that symbol if it is 100% renewable. Not no 50%.
That is falsely giving them a advantage that they have not
earned. Glean -N- Green is suppose to be 100% renewable yet
I do not see that symbol next to their name. Why is that.
Did they not pay your extortion money or what ever you
wanted of them? I am curious as to why they do not have that
symbol? How many others have you pulled that on also?

This is what I mean by rail roading. This type of project
like 98-AFC-1 & 3 should only be allowed by the voters not
the CEC or the City Council and ect... . If it was given the
vote I can guarantee you it would never make it. In the fact
that the CEC is allowing the false advertising of this power
plant to be over looked also. See you in court.

As for alternatives. The CEC said I did not present any.
Wrong, they where just ignored as everything else I
presented was. Why was not geothermal  used for a
alternative as it produces both steam and electricity and is
not as polluting. Or as I previously pointed out. Use the
thermal portion of the suns spectrum to produce steam &
electricity and use Wind and Solar for the rest of the power
requirements. That is completely non-polluting and makes for
a far better alternative for the community as it provides
far more jobs than the filthy crude you are slamming down
our throats in the guise of clean energy. And the few jobs
that it will provide in the long run.

We are already over polluted. We do not need your filth. I
am speaking to you. The CEC since you made the decision and
ignored our evidence and would not even allow a lot of it. 
In going through the record on your sight I see that a lot
of the stuff I sent to you was never entered. Period.

My original documents where not there. Only the Amendments
and they are not complete as they left out a lot of the
original information. The PAO helped me reformat it so you
can understand it. I will not be reformatting it again and
in the future. See you on the Southern AFC request also. To
much was left out and I thought the original would still be
in the record and displayed. It was not. You replaced it
rather than amend it. You have again messed with the record.
So if something is missing I am still going after you as I
kept record of it on removable storage. You are not getting
away with nothing.

You do not like me than even the way I was pulled into this
process was a rail roading job. You had me go through the
Public Assistance Officer to speak up and I was made a
intervener not even realizing what the world it meant.

No one told me this stuff dragged out for months and that
even when you present your evidence and information you
where going to be ignored by a bunch of pompous punks. If
that was the case I would not have wasted my time either as
the rest of this community learned a long time ago. Why do
you think know one here tries to get involved? Because of
the bull you guys pull on them. This community is already
whipped and so is the local media. You have polluting
industry in this county running amuck and rough shod on this
whole county.

They pollute and only get fined a measly few thousand here
and there while we end up ill and with long term irreparable
damage to our systems and bodies. Even the laws have no
teeth. It is OK to kill thousands with slow death as long as
you pay your fines. That is the message everyone has learned
already. Now it is OK to bring in more pollution because no
one has the time or energy to fight us. We can do as we
please, we will just declare ourselves the ultimate law
concerning these issues and ignore everyone else. That is
what you, the CEC, have done. We can take a Poor, Minority
Community and declare it not one. That is what you also have
done. We can not allow the Intervenor's expert witnesses
that are even more expert than the applicants. You did that
to Mike Boyd's Witness on Nov. 18th, 1999. We can ignore
health information and facts because we do not care. That is
obvious from your responses and your actions thus far. We
can say that everything else the intervenor's present does
not pertain to this case. You minimize everything and as in
my case take it and try to say it was for a different
situation where as it was not. Dr. Golomb was speaking about
multiple chemicals at that time. Besides I presented way
more than just her testimony. You overlooked it all. You
minimized it all so you can live with that. I want you to
live here with this that you are jamming down our throats.

How about if we put a few power plants this size next to
your home plus a bunch of smaller ones like we have here.
How about if we put a refinery about 10 miles up wind from
your home and two super large and dangerous chemical plants
within five miles of your home on both sides of you just
like the one in Bay Point and Dow in Pittsburg, which are
known to be deadly in a accident up to easily 25 miles
around them. But before we do that to your home let us get
some plants into the local government and into the local
judicial system and lets fund all the politicians there and
donate money to all the non-profit organizations. Do not
worry though, we have a medical community here that knows
how to handle it. When you get ill they will just tell you
it is all in your head or you must be under to much stress.
Take these drugs and you will be fine if you can remember
your name afterwards. Oh, and do not worry, these chemicals
are safe, they are organic. They can not harm you. After you
end up in the hospital from the medications because of a
reaction to more chemicals, do not worry. We will just let
you figure it out on your own because we can not figure out
what is wrong with you. Yea this community has a real well
trained medical staff. They can fix a broken leg or deliver
a baby easily. But you can be guaranteed they are not going
to tell you you are chemically injured. It is their job at
stack if they say that. This area sees all kinds of injury
and cancer is the highest of the whole US in your community
now. So do not worry if we put all this junk in your
neighborhood. You will be fine. In fact you can put your
head in the stacks and breath the air. It will not hurt you.
The air is already worse than what will be coming out of
these stacks in your neighborhood. Do not worry, we have a
whole staff of experts who agree your air is safe of course
we never heard of xenobiotic's but you are safe. We take
each chemical and add up its effects and it is well below
the danger levels. We modeled your existing air from the
studies made to pass the EPA and State Air Quality
Standards. By the way we will not be putting in a monitor in
your area because it would reflect to air pollution caused
by the already existing industry. No, we are going to move
it up wind and out of the existing air pollution so that we
can see the effects. Do not worry though, it will not read
what is in your neighborhood. Beside if you complain we will
just consider you  NIMBY or we will say you are only worried
about your own health. No one will listen to you. We do not
care if you are not a ex-con and have lived obeying the law
for all these years and that you worked hard most your life
and paid your taxes until you where chemically injured. We
think you no nothing and so we will treat you as if you do
not know anything. But do not worry, your community is safe.
You only get gassed about once a week by industry but it is
not to bad and since the Air district did not go out and
confirm it your air is fine according to their once every 6
to 12 day studies. Depending on how they feel. By the way
they warned the industry a couple days in advance that they
are taking readings, so you can be assured that the air is
going to be just peachy keen fine in your community. Oh and
do not believe the EPA when they found over 6,000 leaky
valves up wind from the refineries. Why the same air
district that checked it not even long before the EPA only
found a small number of a little over a hundred leaky
valves. They can not explain why the EPA found so many right
after they checked them out. So do not worry about that, you
are fine. The EPA is just on a witch hunt and please ignore
all the other environmental groups that say the air district
is non-environmental, they are just trying to get attention.
Oh and we have a commission that is looking out for your
best interest. They only passed almost every power plant
proposed but they are for the people and their first
responsibility is the environmental laws and the peoples
health. You have nothing to worry about when we plant these
new power plants in your neighborhood. Not to mention the
other one and the other industry we have planned to be
brought into your community. They are all safe they burn
clean energy, Natural Gas. Ignore the fact that natural gas
is already the cause of thousands of deaths a year nation
wide. Those people should have put their heads into the
stacks of those hot water heaters and they would have
breathed fine. Besides your City Council is all for Natural
Gas, they even went in on a power plant bought with the
city's money. They believe in this stuff. Everything is just
fine, trust me.

I think you get the picture I presented above. That is the
kind of bull you people are trying to say to the community
here. You think this is going to be it. You are wrong. I
want this on the record as it stands so people can get a
real picture of the lies your organizations are presenting
to them.

Joe Hawkins 
"Community Health, Is Environmental First" - "CHIEF"