[California Energy Commission Letterhead]

November 6, 1998

To: Three Mountain Power, LLC (Docket No. 98-SIT-3)
Otay Mesa Generating Company, LLC (Docket No. 98-SIT-4)
Delta Energy Center (Docket No. 98-SIT-5)


This is to advise you that in light of the Decision in the Blythe Energy NOI exemption matter (Docket No. 98-SIT-2) which states that the Committee may review requests for NOI exemptions based upon sworn testimony submitted by affidavits, the Evidentiary Hearings in the above-referenced matters, originally scheduled for Tuesday, November 10, 1998, have been rescheduled for hearing in each case at the Commission's Business Meeting on Wednesday, December 2, 1998.

The Energy Facility Siting Committee will consider the Petitions and supporting evidence in each of these cases and prepare Proposed Decisions for Commission consideration at the December 2 Business Meeting. Copies of the Proposed Decisions will be distributed for comment prior to the December 2 Business Meeting. A Notice of Rescheduled Hearing in each case will be issued early next week.

If you have any questions, please call me at (916) 654-3893 or 653-6110 or e-mail at: sgefter@energy.state.ca.us

Susan Gefter
Hearing Officer
Energy Facility Siting Committee

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