Notice of Exemption
[California Energy Commission Letterhead]


Energy Resources
Conservation and Development Commission


To: Office of Planning and Research
1400 Tenth Street, Room 121
Sacramento, CA 95814
From: California Energy Commission
1516 Ninth Street, MS-2000
Sacramento, CA 95814
Project Title: Approval of Project Change: Modifications to AQ-C2
Elk Hills Power Project (99-AFC-1C)
Project Location: Located within the Elk Hills Oil and Gas field, approximately 25 miles west of Bakersfield between the communities of Buttonwillow and Taft in Kern County.
Description of Project: Modification to air quality Condition of Certification AQ-C2 to clarify the requirements of the oxidizing soot filter suitability reports for diesel-fired construction equipment.
Name of Public Agency Approving Project: California Energy Commission
Name of Person or Agency Carrying Out Project: Elk Hills Power, LLC
Exempt Status: CEQA Guidelines, Section 15060(b)(2)
Reasons Why Project is Exempt: The proposed modification is administrative in nature and will not result in any adverse environmental impacts.
Lead Agency Contact Person: Nancy Tronaas      Tel: (916) 654-3864
Signature _________________                    Date: _______________
            Nancy Tronaas
            Compliance Project Manager

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