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El Segundo Power Plant Project Licensing Case
Compliance Proceeding

Docket Number: 00-AFC-14C


Complaint and Investigation (C&I) Proceeding (12-CAI-03)
Compliance Submittal Documents

Compliance Notices
Compliance Documents

Items are listed by the date of the meeting or event, where applicable.

Notice of Public Site Visit, Environmental Scoping Meeting, and Informational Hearing. Posted July 12, 2013. (PDF file, 10 pages, 164 kb)

Notice of Receipt of Petition - to Replace Utility Boiler Units 3 and 4 with New Generation Units 9, 10, 11 and 12. Posted May 14, 2013. (PDF file, 3 pages, 25 kb)

Notice of Decision in Compliance. Posted August 22, 2012. (PDF file, 1 page, 74 kb)

Order Approving Petition to Amend, to Modify the Range of Ammonia Injection Rates, Eliminate a Venturi Scrubber, and Change the Project Name. Dated August 9, 2012. Posted August 16, 2012. (PDF file, 3 pages, 147 kb)

Notice of Receipt of Petition to Amend. Posted May 2, 2012. (PDF file, 3 page, 19 kb)

Order Approving Transfer of Ownership. Placed on line: August 26, 2008. (PDF file, 1 pg, 178 kb)

Order No. 05-1103 ORDER DISAPPROVING Petition to Modify Condition of Certification BIO-1 . Placed on line: December 28, 2005.

Staff's Analysis of the Applicant's Proposed Petition to Amend. Placed on line: June 29, 2012. (PDF file, 18 pages, 70 kb)

Petition to Amend California Energy Commission Final Decision Regarding final design information now available from Siemens changes the anticipated aqueous ammonia flow rate to the gas turbine selective catalytic reduction. Dated: April 16, 2012. Posted: April 25, 2012. (PDF file, 49 pages, 3.5 mb).

Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission email RE: Clarification on El Segundo Project money to SMBRC. Posted: July 25, 2008. (PDF file, 1 pg, 100 kb).

Notice of Receipt of Petition to Change Ownership Dated: July 15, 2008. Online: July 15, 2008. (PDF file, 2 pages, 84 kb)

Petition to Amend to Change Name of Owning Entity Dated: June 30, 2008. Online: July 9, 2008. (PDF file, 13 pages, 300 kb)

Approval Letter to Start Demolition on the Units 1 & 2 Stacks Dated: August 7, 2007. Placed on line: August 9, 2007.(Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 2 pages, 16.64 kilobytes)

RE: Support for Staff Complaint for Compliance Violations Regarding El Segundo Power Revedelopment Project Dated: January 17, 2006. Placed on line: January 17, 2006.(Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 2 pages, 44 kilobytes)

RE: Energy Commission Staff Complaint for Compliance Violation; Notification of Hearing Dated: January 04, 2006. Placed on line: January 04, 2006.(Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 10 pages, 456 kilobytes)

Notice of Receipt of Petition to Amend Condition of Certification, BIO-1 and Public Review of Staff Analysis
dated October 17 2005. Placed on line: October 17, 2005.(Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 6 pages, 84 kilobytes)

Petition to Amend Condition of Certification, BIO-1, dated September 30 2005. Placed on line: October 7, 2005.(Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 59 pages, 2.61 megabytes)

Amendment to BIO-1 will Change the Condition to read as follows, dated September 30, 2005. Placed on line: October 7, 2005.(Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 1 pages, 52 kilobytes)