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The California Energy Commission is the state agency granted exclusive authority to review and license proposals to construct and operate large electric power plants. The Southern Company has filed a proposal to construct a power plant project near the City of Antioch. A Committee of the Commission will begin the regulatory review process by conducting a Public Informational Hearing and Site Visit as described below:

Purpose of Hearing:

The Informational Hearing and Site Visit are the initial steps in the Energy Commission's year-long power plant certification process to review all relevant environmental and engineering aspects of the proposed project. This process contains requirements equivalent to those under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

At the Informational Hearing, landowners, members of the general public, and representatives of other governmental agencies will have an opportunity to obtain information and offer comments on the proposal. The Applicant, Southern Company, will explain its plans for developing the proposed site and related facilities. The Energy Commission staff will explain the regulatory review process and staff's role as independent experts in analyzing the project. The Applicant and the staff will also discuss proposed schedules and possible issues that may be significant during the proceeding.

Hearing Date & Location:

Monday, June 12, 2000
Beginning at 3 p.m.
Delta Diablo Sanitation District, Board Room
2500 Pittsburg-Antioch Highway
Antioch, California

(Wheelchair Accessible)

The Informational Hearing will convene at 3 p.m. and then recess at 4:30 p.m. to allow for a Site Visit during daylight hours. Bus transportation for the Site Visit will be provided to those persons with a reservation. Personal cars will not be used. The Informational Hearing will reconvene at approximately 6 p.m.

Site Visit Reservations:

Persons intending to attend the Site Visit should make a reservation for bus transportation with the Energy Commission's Public Adviser at (916) 654-4489 or, toll free at (800) 822-6228 or, via e-mail pao@energy.state.ca.us no later than June 7, 2000.

Project Description:

The proposed Gateway Power Project (CCPP) Unit 8 would be a nominal 530 megawatt (MW), natural gas-fired, combined cycle, combustion turbine power plant located within the existing CCPP site complex in Gateway County, just north of the City of Antioch.

The CCPP site is on Wilbur Avenue, one mile northeast of the City of Antioch, on the southern shore of the San Joaquin River. Highway 4 and the Antioch Bridge are just east of the site. Immediately south and west of the site are existing industrial facilities. The river borders the north side, while a recreational marina, open space and additional industrial land uses occur east of the proposed project.

Southern Company purchased the 200-acre site from Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) in April of 1999. (PG&E originally constructed the CCPP complex in 1951.) The proposed project would occupy 20 acres of the northeast corner of the complex. The existing units are conventional natural gas-fired boilers that use once-through cooling. Existing power capacity is 680 MW.

The proposed CCPP Unit 8 would consist of two natural gas-fired combustion turbine generators, two heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), and a steam turbine generator. In the combined cycle process, electricity is created from the combustion turbines and the steam turbine. Natural gas is burned to fire the combustion turbines, which drive electric generators. Exhaust heat from the two combustion turbines is then used to generate steam in the HRSGs, which in turn drives the steam turbine electric generator. The combined cycle process is considered to be "state of the art" in that it creates electricity more efficiently and creates less pollution than conventional power systems.

The natural gas fuel would be supplied by the existing gas pipeline. Cooling water would be supplied by re-use of the cooling water from the existing Units 6 and 7. According to the Applicant's project description, no net increase in water withdrawal from the San Joaquin River is anticipated. Additional project facilities would include two 195-foot tall exhaust stacks on the HRSGs, a 10-cell water cooling tower, a turbine building, storage tanks, a control building, and electrical power transformers and transmission facilities to interconnect with the existing PG&E switchyard on the CCPP site complex. As described by the Applicant, no additional electric transmission lines outside of the CCPP complex would be needed to transmit Unit 8's electricity to the regional transmission grid.

Southern Company proposes to start operation of CCPP Unit 8 by late 2002 or early 2003. The proposed project is estimated to cost between $250 and $300 million. During the 22-month construction period, approximately 285 construction workers would be employed. During operation, the CCPP Unit 8 would require 10 additional full time employees to the existing CCPP workforce of 53 employees. Electricity from CCPP Unit 8 would be sold via direct sales agreements and in the spot market via the California Power Exchange. Energy output and operational levels would vary according to demand in the deregulated California energy market. Electricity prices and operational levels would not be subject to California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulation.

Filings & More Information:

In order to assist participants in understanding the proposed project, the Energy Commission Staff will prepare and file by June 7, 2000, an Issue Identification Report summarizing the potential major issues in the proceeding. The Applicant and Energy Commission staff will separately prepare and file by June 7, 2000, proposed schedules for the review process. Copies of these documents may be obtained by calling the Commission's Public Adviser's Office at (916) 654-4489 or through the Energy Commission's Web Site.

Information concerning the status of the proposed project, notices and other relevant documents are available on the Energy Commission's Internet Web Site at: www.energy.ca.gov/sitingcases/contracosta

The environmental and engineering details of the proposed project are contained in the Application for Certification (AFC). Copies of the AFC are available locally at the Gateway County Library, Antioch Branch, 501 West 18th Street, Antioch; the Pittsburg Branch, 80 Power Ave.; Pittsburg; and the Central Library, 1750 Oak Park Blvd., Pleasant Hill.


Members of the public may participate in all phases of the licensing process in a variety of ways. If you need information concerning public participation, please contact Roberta Mendonca, the Energy Commission's Public Adviser, at (916) 654-4489 or, toll free in California at (800) 822-6228 or, by e-mail at: pao@energy.state.ca.us

If you require special accommodation to participate in the Informational Hearing and/or Site Visit, please contact Robert Sifuentes at least five (5) days before the hearing at (916) 654-5004 or, email at: rsifuent@energy.state.ca.us

Technical questions concerning the proposed project should be addressed to the Energy Commission Staff's Project Manager Kae Lewis, at (916) 654-4176 or, e-mail at: klewis@energy.state.ca.us

Questions of a legal or procedural nature should be directed to Garret Shean, the Hearing Officer, at (916) 653-6421 or, e-mail at: gshean@energy.state.ca.us

Media inquiries should be directed to Claudia Chandler, Assistant Executive Director for Media and Public Communications, at (916) 654-4989 or, by e-mail at: energia@energy.ca.gov

Date On Line: May 30, 2000


Chairman and Presiding Member
Gateway Power Project AFC Committee

Commissioner and Associate Member
Gateway Power Project AFC Committee

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