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The Committee conducted a second Prehearing Conference on April 16, 1999. At that Conference, the parties' jointly proposed scheduling adjustments, to provide for review of new mitigation proposals that will be submitted by Applicant.

After considering this matter, the Committee will accept the proposed adjustments, with the clarifications noted below. The parties should be aware that these scheduling adjustments are performance based, i.e. a delay in submitting one item will result in a delay for a like period in submitting the items which follow it. Next, these scheduling adjustments are for the purpose of providing the parties an opportunity to address mitigation proposals; project amendments and the like are beyond their scope. Finally, two status reports have been added; the Committee expressly retains its discretion to make further scheduling modifications depending upon the information contained in these reports. The specific dates for the filing of testimony and the scheduling of future conferences and hearings will therefore be separately noticed following consideration of the status reports.

The schedule discussed at the second Prehearing Conference is adopted as follows:

Applicant submits new mitigation proposal. Unknown; this event triggers the balance of this schedule. "Submission" for present purposes means the mitigation proposal is served upon all parties and received in the Commission Docket Unit.
Public workshop on new mitigation proposal and Air Quality. This event will be scheduled by staff to occur twelve (12) days after Applicant submits the new mitigation proposal.
Applicant provides third revised Preliminary Determination of Compliance (PDOC). Due fourteen (14) days after Applicant submits new mitigation proposal.
Public Workshop on water issues. Staff will schedule this event to occur fifteen (15) days after submission of the mitigation proposal. The workshop will be held during the evening hours in Victorville.
Parties file First Status Report. Due thirty (30) days after submission of mitigation proposal.
Comment period on revised PDOC ends. Thirty (30) days after issuance [projected as 44 days after submission of mitigation proposal].
Second public workshop on water issues, if necessary. Staff will schedule this workshop to occur, if necessary, forty-five (45) days after submission of the mitigation proposal. If this workshop is held, it shall be conducted during evening hours in Victorville.
Applicant provides final DOC. Due fourteen (14) days after comment period ends on revised PDOC [projected as 58 days after submission of mitigation proposal].
Parties file Second Status Reports. Due sixty (60) days after submission of mitigation proposal.

Dated: April 22, 1999


ROBERT A. LAURIE, Commissioner
Committee Member

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