Energy Resources Conservation
and Development Commission

In the Matter of:                        )   Docket No. 97-AFC-1
The Application for Certification        )   REVISED SCHEDULING ORDER
for the High Desert Power Project (HDPP) )

The following revised project schedule is based upon discussions occurring at the March 3, 1998 Committee Conference.

Applicant provides scope of transmission interconnection study and contract with SCEMarch 10, 1998
Applicant submits responses to CURE's data requests, including data request No. 51March 11, 1998
Applicant submits responses to questions from CDFGMarch 16, 1998
(extensions from 2/13/98)
Applicant submits Victor Valley Water District Well StudyMarch 16, 1998
(extension from 2/17/98)
Applicant submits water resources informationMarch 16, 1998
Applicant submits information re: environmental impacts from well water deliveryMarch 16, 1998
Applicant submits identification of 150% of candidate offsets required for project to Air DistrictMarch 19, 1998
Parties submit status reports to Committee; request Conference if necessaryMarch 25, 1998
Applicant submits response to CURE's Data Request No. 52April 10, 1998
Air District's Preliminary DOC dueApril 20, 1998
Applicant submits transmission system stability analysis and interconnection studyApril 22, 1998
Parties submit status reports to Committee; request Conference if necessaryApril 24, 1998
Preliminary Staff Assessment releasedMay 15, 1998
ISO determinationMay 15, 1998

Date Online: March 20, 1998

Presiding Committee Member

ROBERT A. LAURIE, Commissioner
Associate Committee Member