Energy Resources
Conservation and Development Commission

The Committee designated to conduct proceedings on the Application for Certification for the High Desert Power Project will hold an INFORMATIONAL HEARING and COMMITTEE CONFERENCE as follows:

Beginning at 10 a.m.
Victorville City Hall
Council Chambers
14343 Civic Drive
Victorville, California

[Wheelchair Accessible]

Members of the public and interested agencies are invited to attend this session and may question the Applicant and Energy Commission staff concerning the project. The Commission's Public Adviser, Roberta Mendonca, will also be present to assist interested individuals or groups and to provide information on participating in the Commission's licensing process. She may be reached at (916) 654-4489 or, toll free, 1-800-822-6228.

Applicant for the High Desert Power Project has recently proposed a second natural gas pipeline (approximately 30 miles long) as an additional element of the project. The proposed pipeline would be located completely within previously developed utility and transportation corridors along State Highway 395. From the High Desert Power Project site, the pipeline would proceed north along Perimeter and Helendale Roads to Colusa Road. It would then proceed west along the south side of Colusa Road, crossing State Highway 395, and then proceed north along the west side of State Highway 395. The pipeline would cross Highway 395 north of Kramer Hills and continue north to the Kern River Pipeline approximately one-quarter mile south of Highway 58 and one mile east of the intersection of these highways. Southwest Gas Corportaton would construct and operate the 24-inch pipeline.

At this event, Applicant will discuss the proposed route for the pipeline, as well as its plans for obtaining any necessary rights-of-way and federal permits. Energy Commission staff will explain the administrative licensing process and its role in reviewing this proposal. The parties and interested participants will also have an opportunity to discuss any other matters relevant to the High Desert Power Project.

Technical questions concerning the project should be addressed to Richard Buell, the Commission's Project Manager, at (916) 653-1614. Questions of a legal or procedural nature should be directed to Stanley Valkosky, the Chief Hearing Officer, at (916) 654-3893. Please contact Robert Sifuentes at (916) 654-5005 if you require special accommodation to participate at this meeting. Information concerning the status of the project, as well as notices and other relevant documents, is also available on the Energy Commission's Internet home page at:

Dated: June 3, 1998


and Presiding Committee Member

ROBERT A. LAURIE, Commissioner
and Associate Member

Date Mailed: June 3, 1998
Mailed to List: #707