Docket No. 97-AFC-1

On June 15, 1998, the California Energy Commission received the High Desert Power Project, Limited Liability Company's amendment to the High Desert Power Project (HDPP) Application for Certification (97-AFC-1) to include construction and operation of a second natural gas pipeline. HDPP is proposing to construct and operate a 680 to 830 MW natural gas fueled electricity generation power plant, located in the northeast corner of the Southern California International Airport (formerly George Air Force Base), in the city of Victorville, in San Bernardino County, California. The proposed pipeline would be located mainly within previously developed utility and transportation corridors along State Highway 395. From the HDPP site, the pipeline would proceed north along Perimeter and Helendale Roads to Colusa Road. The pipeline would then proceed west along the south side of Colusa Road, crossing State Highway 395. The pipeline would then proceed north along the west side of State Highway 395. The pipeline would cross Highway 395 north of Kramer Hills and continue north to the Kern River Pipeline approximately one quarter-mile south of Highway 58 and one mile east of the intersection of the highways. Southwest Gas Corporation would construct and operate the 30-inch pipeline.

The Energy Commission is responsible for reviewing and ultimately approving or denying all thermal electric power plants 50 MWs and greater, proposed for construction in California. The Energy Commission's facility certification process carefully examines public health and safety, environmental impacts and engineering aspects of proposed power plants and all related facilities such as electric transmission lines and natural gas pipelines. The Energy Commission is the lead agency under the California Environmental Quality Act.


The applicant has identified three alternative natural gas-fired design configurations for the project (one simple cycle and two combined cycle designs), which would generate between 680 to 830 megawatts of electric power. A new 7.2 mile 230 kilovolt overhead electric transmission line will be built to interconnect the project to the Southern California Edison Company's electrical transmission system at the Victor Substation. A new electric 230 kilovolt switch yard will be constructed on the eastern end of the project site. In addition to the second gas pipeline proposed on June 15, a 2.75 mile natural gas pipeline will be constructed by Southwest Gas Company to provide fuel for the project. Potable water will be provided by the Victor Valley Water District and will enter at the southeast corner of the site. The applicant has examined two alternative sources of cooling water for either of the combined cycle configurations: ground water from future wells to be drilled in the area, or from the Mojave River Pipeline Project. The applicant is proposing a crystallization process to dispose of wastewater from the cooling cycle.


The purpose of the AFC process is to enable the Energy Commission to make a determination regarding the need for the project, and to assess the project's impact on environmental quality, electrical system reliability, and public health and safety. The Energy Commission and HDPP have conducted a number of public workshops and hearings to determine whether the project should be approved for construction and operation and under what set of conditions. Future workshops will provide the public and local, state and federal agencies the opportunity to ask questions and provide input about the proposed project. The Energy Commission will issue notices for these workshops and hearings, normally 14 days, but no later than 10 days prior to the meeting. This notice of receipt has been mailed to all parties that have requested to be placed on the mailing list and to property owners located adjacent to the project site and any of the project's related facilities. By being on the mailing list, you will receive notices of all project related activities and notices that documents related to the project's approval are available for review. Persons wanting information on how to participate in the Energy Commission's review of the project should contact Ms. Roberta Mendonca, the Energy Commission's Public Adviser, at (916) 654-4489, or toll free in California at (800) 822-6228.


Copies of the AFC document and the supplemental information for the second natural gas pipeline are available for public inspection at the Norman Feldheym Central Library in San Bernardino and the Victorville and Adelanto branches of the San Bernardino County Library. In addition, copies have been distributed to those public agencies which would normally have jurisdiction except for the Energy Commission's exclusive authority to certify power plant sites and related facilities.

Technical or project schedule questions should be directed to Richard Buell, Siting Project Manager, at (916) 653-1614, or E-mail at The status of the project and other relevant documents are available on the Energy Commission's Internet page at


Deputy Director for Energy Facilities Siting & Environmental Protection

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