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Suggested Schedule For High Desert Power Project (97-AFC-1)
(As of November 24, 1998)

Oct 8, 1998 Cal-ISO filed Determination re: Interconnection Study
Nov 02, 98 Applicant filed revised BACT information
Nov 09, 98 Applicant filed revised Water Plan
Nov 10, 98 Applicant filed revised ERC plan
Nov 24, 98 Parties file tenth status report
Nov 25, 98 Applicant submits Mojave Water Agency proposed conditions (tentative)
Dec 01, 98 Staff issues data requests regarding BACT and ERC submittals
Dec 07, 98 Mojave Desert AQMD files revised Preliminary DOC and Final Banking Certificates (tentative)
Dec 18, 98 Applicant responds to data requests regarding compliance with FAA regulations
Dec 31, 98 Applicant files Waste Water Discharge Permit application with Lahontan RWQCB (tentative)
Jan 04, 99 Applicant responds to data requests regarding BACT and ERC plan
Jan 07, 99 Parties file comments on the revised Preliminary DOC
Jan 21, 99 Staff files revised PSA (tentative)
Feb 03, 99 Start workshops on revised PSA
Feb 08, 99 Applicant files Letters of Intent for ERCs
Feb 08, 99 File Prehearing Conference statements
Feb 08, 99 Mojave Desert AQMD files Final Determination of Compliance
Feb 17, 99 End workshops on revised PSA
Feb 25, 99 Prehearing Conference (tentative)
Mar 08, 99 Hearing Order and Notice of Evidentiary Hearings
Mar 25, 99 Applicant files documentation of the likely permit conditions BLM/USFWS will impose on the project
Mar 25, 99 Applicant submits option contracts or contracts securing ERCs, & agreements to supply water from serving entities
Mar 25, 99 Staff Files FSA and Parties file Testimony
Apr 01, 99 Parties file Rebuttal Testimony
Apr 15, 99 Start Hearings

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