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Docket Number: 06-AFC-2

AES Highgrove Power Plant Licensing Case
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Commission's Documents

Staff Response to the Applicant Suspension Request. Posted: July 28, 2008 (PDF, 3 pgs, 68 kb).

Letter from the California Energy Commission Regarding the Status of Application for Certification and Schedule for Obtaining Needed Air Quality Offsets. Posted: May 13, 2008. (PDF, 5 pgs, 123 kb)

Status Report #7. Posted: October 15, 2008. (PDF, 4 pgs, 64.1 kb)

Status Report #6. Posted: April 22, 2008. (PDF, 4 pgs, 92 kb)

Status Report #5. Posted: July 27, 2007. (PDF, 3 pgs, 820 kb)

Status Report #4. Posted: February 22, 2007. (PDF, 5 pgs, 45 kb)

Letter to Julie Way of AES Highgrove, LLC Requesting a Supplement to the AFC regarding the use of water that best complies with the requirements and intent of the state water policy. . Posted: March 20, 2007. (PDF, 4 pgs, 41.4 kb)

Report of Conservation. Posted: March 13, 2007. (PDF, 3 pgs, 44 kb)

Status Report #3. Posted: February 22, 2007. (PDF, 5 pgs, 49 kb)

Status Report #2. Posted: February 21, 2007. (PDF, 3 pgs, 30 kb)

Status Report #1. Posted: November 6, 2006. (PDF, 4 pgs, 40 kb)

California Energy Commission Data Requests. Posted: October 6, 2006. (PDF, 31 pgs, 104 kb)

Transcript for the Public Informational Hearing and Site Visit on September 19, 2006. Posted: September 29, 2006. (PDF, 73 pgs, 150 kb)

Sari Brine Line Truck Route . Posted: September 27 , 2006. (PDF, 1 pg. 36 kb)

The Issues Identification Report has been released by the Energy Commission's Facility Siting Division. . Posted: September 13 , 2006. (PDF, 14 pgs, 80 kb)

The California Energy Commission appoints a Committee to preside over AES Highgrove, LLC Application for Certification proceedings consisting of Jackalyne Pfannenstiel, Chairman, as Presiding Member and Jeffrey Byron, Commissioner, as Associate Member. Posted: July 24, 2006. (PDF, 1 pg. 20 kb)

Data Adequacy Recommendation . Posted: June 23, 2006. (PDF, 65 pgs, 940 kb)

Applicant's Documents

AES Request for Project Suspension of the Highgrove Project . Posted: June 10, 2009. (PDF, 5 pages, 74 kb)

Change in Process Water Supply and Cooling Tower Size, AFC Supplement C. Posted: June 28, 2007. (PDF, 71 pgs, 4 mb)

Appendixes. Posted: June 28, 2007.

AES Highgrove Project (06-AFC-2) Informal Data Response, Set 1A. Posted: January 17, 2007. (PDF, 64 pgs, 4 mb)

AES Highgrove Project (06-AFC-2) Data Response, Set 1A. Posted: December 13, 2006. (PDF, 107 pgs, 4.5 mb)

AES Highgrove Project (06-AFC-2) Data Response, Set 1B. Posted: December 13, 2006. (PDF, 228 pgs, 7.5 mb)

Application For Certification, filed May 25, 2006. (Acrobat PDF files)

Intervenors' and Others' Documents

Letter from SCAQMD Denying AES Highgrove's Application for Permit to Construct. Posted: May 6, 2009. (PDF file, 7 pages, 2.7 megabytes).

New High School - City of Grand Terrace. Posted: October 28, 2008. (PDF file, 4 pages, 90.9 kb).

Letter from South Coast Air Quality Management District RE: AES Highgrove Power Plant. Posted: May 28, 2008. (PDF, 4 pg. 96 kb)

CARE Petition to intervene. Posted: September 26, 2006. (PDF, 7 pg. 48 kb)

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