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Project Description


Kings River Conservation District

Project Location:

The proposed project is located on an industrial site near the community of Malaga, CA at 2611 E. North Avenue, in Fresno County. This is a 19-acre site. See map 1.2-2 and figures 5.5-1 and 5.5-2 (03-SPPE-02)

Project Cost:

The project is estimated to have initial capitol costs totaling approximately $40 million.

Project Licensing:

Small Power Plant Exemption (SPPE) filed November 26, 2003. The Energy Commission licensing process should be completed within six months.

Project Construction:

The applicant plans to complete construction within a six-month schedule. Starting construction in June 2004. During construction the number of workers will build gradually from 68 workers to approximately 101 at the peak of construction.

Commercial Operation:

The Kings River Peaker Plant has an estimated on line date of December 31, 2004. During operation, KCDPP will employ 3 full-time staff.

Electric Sales:

Electrical energy produced from the proposed power plant will be sold by the Kings River Conservation District under a 10 year contract with the California Department of Water Resources.


Kings River Conservation District Peaker Plant will be a nominal 97-megawatt (MW), natural gas-fired simple-cycle project with two GE LM6000 generators.


Other major components of the project will include: SCR system, inlet chiller, water treatment system, fire protection system, natural gas compressors, transformers, switchyard, Aqueous Ammonia storage tank, wastewater storage tank.

Transmission Line:

The GE LM6000 generators will be connected to the PG&E Malaga Substation using a new 115kV transmission line; three-quarters of a mile in length.


Natural gas will be supplied to the project via a 700 foot gas line interconnected to an existing PG&E gas line that parallels North Avenue.

Water Supply:

Potable water will be supplied to the project by the Malaga County Water District. Maximum water demand for the project will be 75 acre-feet per year.

Emission Controls:

A Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system using ammonia injection technology (aqueous ammonia) will reduce the NOx emissions to 3.0 ppm.

Waste Water:

The project will use a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system. There by eliminating wastewater discharge from the KRCDPP. Domestic sanitary waste produced by the plant will be sent to the Malaga County Water District sanitary system.


Kings River Conservation District

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