STAFF ASSESSMENT WORKSHOP Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility
[Workshop Notice Letterhead]

Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility


January 14, 2002

Airport Inn International
1355 North 4th Street
San Jose, CA
9:30- 9:45 Introductions and Presentation of Agenda
9:45-11:00 Discussion of Technical Areas:
Alternatives Cultural Resources Land Use
Hazardous Materials Public Health Transmission System
Socioeconomics Trans. Line Safety Worker Safety, Fire
Waste Management Facility Design Plant Efficiency
Plant Reliability    
11:00-11:45 Noise and Vibration: Brewster Birdsall
11:45- 12:30 LUNCH
12:30- 1:30 Traffic and Transportation: Matt Darrow
1:30- 2:30 Air Quality: Gabriel Behymer
2:30- 3:30 Visual Resources: Michael Clayton
3:30-4:30 Biology: Natasha Nelson and Julie Colyer
4:30-5:30 Soil and Water: Joe Crea, John Kessler
5:30-6:00 Summary Discussion or Plan Evening Meeting
6:30-9:00 Available If Needed For Unfinished Items

NOTE: The above times are tentative. If necessary we may extend into the evening. Some areas may move quickly while others will take more time, requiring adjustment of the agenda.

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