The Resources Agency of California

Memorandum Date : March 16, 2000
Telephone: ATSS (916) 654-4074

To : Metcalf Energy Center Siting Committee:
Robert A. Laurie,
Presiding Member William J. Keese, Second Member

From: California Energy Commission-
Paul Richins, Jr. 1516 Ninth Street
Energy Commission Project Manager Sacramento, CA 95814-5512

Subject : STATUS REPORT # 6

Two more workshops are planned before we file the Preliminary Staff Assessment (PSA). A water resources workshop is planned for March 22, 2000 and an air quality-public health-environmental justice workshop is planned for April 5, 2000. Both will be in San Jose in the evening. These workshops will be jointly sponsored by San Jose City Councilmember Charlotte Powers' District 2 Metcalf Advisory Committee and the staff of the Energy Commission. This will bring the total of subject-specific workshops we have conducted in San Jose since October to five-biological resources, alternative project locations, transmission system engineering, water resources and air quality-public health- environmental justice. All the workshops have been well-attended with an excellent dialogue with the applicant; intervenors; the Metcalf Advisory Committee members; interested citizens of the community; local, state, and federal agencies; City of San Jose staff; and Energy Commission staff.

Staff is continuing to review the Application for Certification Supplement C. We have had a few clarifying questions in the area of site drainage, air quality cumulative modeling, and public health. Calpine-Bechtel has provided the information on the site drainage and is in the process of providing the additional information for public health and air quality. We understand that the San Francisco Bay Area Air Quality Management District plans to complete the Preliminary Determination of Compliance (PDOC) between April 3 and 14, 2000. Within 3-4 weeks of the receipt of the PDOC, Energy Commission staff will complete the PSA. The PSA will be distributed to each intervenor in the case; local, state and federal agencies; and the City of San Jose. A notice of availability will be sent to over 2,000 interested parties and property owners on our mailing list. A copy of the PSA will be mailed to those responding to the notice of availability. So that all reviewers have adequate time to examine the PSA, Commission staff will hold workshops on each subject area covered by the PSA about 3 weeks after its release. Given this schedule, we estimate that these workshops will be held sometime in June. The revised scheduling order dated January 14, 2000 requests the staff to finalize the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of San Jose. A draft of the MOU was provided to the City of San Jose for their review. In our conversations with them, they have agreed to use the Energy Commission environmental document (Final Staff Assessment) as the document they will use for their land use decisions, continue to work cooperatively with commission staff and to follow the Committee's schedule. However, upon further reflection, the City of San Jose would prefer not to formalize the agreement. From the list compiled by Calpine-Bechtel, Energy Commission staff provided the appropriate documents to those intervenors that were accidentally over-looked at the time the original filing. cc: Metcalf POS list Laurel Prevetti BAAQMD

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Date Online: March 20, 2000.